Why Your Intuition is more Accurate than You Think

Intuition and insight are slippery animals.  Just when you think you’ve got them, they disappear.  Just when you almost give up, they hit you in the face with the obvious.  Recently I attended a T Harv Eker’s Seminar in Melbourne.  It was called the Millionaire Mind Intensive and something he said struck as applying to intuition.

[Aside: If you get a chance, you should definitely attend a T Harv Eker Seminar - I got a free ticket through his Australian Seminar Organization].

The way you do anything is the way you do everything

During his talks, Harv must have said “The way you do anything is the way you do everything” 20+ times.  He’s really great with experiential education and he really hammered this point home.  Just today I made an important link with this and Intuition.

The way someone does anything is the way they do everything

-T Harv Eker

This is the reason why when you get a good feeling about someone, it is right and when you get a negative feeling about someone, it is also right.

Sometimes it takes a few times to learn the lesson, so I’ll do a Harv Eker and hammer it home …

Intuition is so subtle though that you will need to get a feel for it with your own examples, but the below will give you some clues.  Hopefully enough to notice then place more trust in your intuition.  Remember that intuition is a mind-body-air-ground-feeling-thinking-doing thing.  You need to be open then trust it and just go with it.  Because people act in consistent ways, your intuition is most likely to be accurate when thinking about people and social situations.

Intuition examples

  • You are talking with someone who seems really nice, but then they start saying bad things about someone else.  Somehow this makes you feel a little uncomfortable, but you think they are nice anyway.  Mistake.  The reason you felt uncomfortable is because somewhere deep down, you knew exactly what they will say about you when you are not there.

Go with your gut feel.

  • You are having a chat with a friend, and a problem you’ve been having flashes into your mind.  The conversation is fun and lively and there just doesn’t seem like a good time to mention your problem … Do it – find a way because your friend may have the advice you need to move forward, or just talking it over might give you the insight you need to express it more clearly.

When it feels right, share.

  • Question:  You do a double date.  Your’re not so keen to do it again, but your partner really enjoyed it.  Should you do it again?  Answer: In most cases, if you are a guy then yes – chill out and enjoy the time with your partner, if you are a girl then no – don’t do it.

There is a reason why it’s called Women’s IntuitionFemale Intuition.  Women have an edge with intuition and empathy.  Same sex couples give the benefit of the doubt to your partner and be open minded.

  • You have a party lined up and you feel it would be good to go, but you are tired and wonder if it would be better to stay home, should you go?

Use your gut feel.  Are you being lazy and will have a great time when there or is it just another time waster?

Your Intuition is a great way to decide between two possible actions, but you need to be open to both the subtle hints and chance events that will change your life.

So go with your gut and get in tune with your intuition.  Remember that your intuition about people is most likely to be the most accurate initially because people typically act consistently so the signs appear more often.

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Thanks to T Harv Eker for the insight.

P.S. For those interested, if you don’t know T Harv Eker, he is up there with Anthony Robbins in the personal development seminar space. I can happily recommend his book, card set and seminars to anyone.  Note that he doesn’t talk about intuition, Harv Eker talks mostly about making money as well as personal mastery.  I love attending seminars from thought leaders as well as meeting people, if I get one insight then it’s worth it for me.