Here’s Why Most People Will Never Succeed

why people fail

The reason why most people will never succeed is because they are lazy and because they do not want to put in the hard work and effort to get to where they dream of being. Now that I gave you the (basic) answer, you don’t need to read the rest of the article anymore.

For those of you who are interested in discovering the psychology behind why most people will never succeed, I continued writing the entire article and you may now read on.

Water As A Roadmap To Success

Let’s take a few seconds to analyze water. No, I am not talking about its chemical composition or its mineral content. Water always takes the path of the least resistance. When-ever you drop water or pour it onto a surface, it will flow to the point where it needs to use the least amount of energy to stay in position.

Gravity is the force that water must obey and thus water will always flow to the lowest point. However, it flows to the lowest point through the path of the least resistance. Have you ever seen water flowing uphill to get to a lower point that is on the other side of the mountain?

The reason why I took the analogy of water is that I believe most people are like water. They all aspire to be somewhere better and they want to be successful but they take the path of the least resistance. This means that as soon as most people encounter a mountain they will not flow uphill to continue their journey towards success and instead stay at their current position until some external force causes them to move (to speak in terms of the water analogy).

When it comes to success and self improvement, hard work and persistence are key. The only way to get really good at something and become successful is by not giving up when you encounter resistance.

With everything that you do there comes a point when you will get that ‘aha’ moment – a moment when everything just clicks and makes perfect sense. The mist is lifted and you have a crystal clear vision and understanding of what you are doing. From that moment onwards, your level of competency has jumped tenfold. You now know what you are doing and can really focus your efforts into perfecting your skill and becoming a master at your craft.

However, that moment can sometimes take months or years of trying before it finally arrives.

Sometimes Things Seem Impossible

self improvement

When you set out to learn something new, it can often seem impossible to master or to understand. This is a strange realisation because when you watch experts do it they make it seem so easy and effortless.

Most people will give up after a few attempts. The amount of people who persist in the face of seeming incompetence become less and less as time counts on from the moment when those people decided to start getting better at X (replace X with whatever skill or activity they want to get good at).

Sometimes You Will Feel Stupid

Sometimes you will feel stupid and incompetent that you cannot accomplish whatever it is that you are trying to do. You invest time, money and effort and yet you still can’t get it right. Does that mean that there is something wrong with you?


As soon as you start feeling stupid and embarrassed you will want to give up. Do not think that there is something wrong with you. Never give up. Persist and be determined to succeed. You may have to quit your current method how you are doing something and approach it from a new or different angle, but you should never give up on your dreams.

As Will Smith says:

“Don’t let success go to your head and don’t let failure go to your heart.”

Never Give Up

The following is one of the best examples I can give about that ‘aha’ moment and why you should not give up before you get it.

I have had this moment in various sports and activities like learning to snowboard, wake board, ice-skate and ride a bicycle. Initially when I observed experts doing it, it seems super easy and effortless to do.

When I set out to try it for myself, I could not for the life of me get it right.

Let’s take snowboarding for example. It was something I really wanted to learn so I spent three days on the little kiddie slopes falling on my ass. It was so incredibly difficult for me to understand because both my feet were stuck on one board, and the concept of getting the board to turn was a mystery to me. I could have quit after the first two days, but since I so badly wanted to learn how to snowboard, I didn’t. On the third day after about 2 hours of falling in the snow while trying to learn, I got up this one time on the board and managed to turn the board without falling. To my surprise I could do it again, and again. All of a sudden I understood how to do it. From that point on I had a good understanding of how to snowboard. The troubles of learning it were well worth the fun and enjoyment I got from being able to go up on normal slopes and enjoy being able to snowboard down them.

I had the same thing with wake boarding. I thought that since I could snowboard, it would be easy to get up on the wake board and enjoy gliding on the water behind the speedboat. Wrong! It is similar but oh so different. Once again, I spent two days falling in the water, never making it further than 30 meters from the jetty. The embarrassing thing was that there was always a queue of 20 odd people waiting for their turn, so I would constantly be falling in the water and everyone was just staring.

personality development

Somewhere on the second or the third day (I can’t remember), I tried again to stand up on the wake board and all of a sudden I could stand. Just like with snowboarding, I had that ‘aha’ moment and understood how to do it. Once I knew how to do it, it was so easy and from that moment on I was able to stand up on the wake board every time. If I had given up then I would never have experienced the fun of being towed behind the speedboat over the open ocean. I even learnt how to jump off the wake (a little bit).


The ‘aha’ moment applies to everything!

I have given personal examples of the ‘aha’ moment relating to sport, but the concept applies to anything and everything. Whether it is learning a new language, building up a business, having a good relationship, making money or making friends, it will all be difficult initially.

For some people certain things will be easy and they may get it right within the first few attempts. Others may find the same thing more difficult and not get it right after 100 attempts. Success and skill take a lot time to build up and usually only come after overcoming many obstacles and difficulties.

What do you think happens when you take the easy way out as soon as obstacles present themselves and things get difficult? The chances are pretty big that you will not grow (physically or mentally) and you will not be successful.

You Are Not ‘Most’ People

While most people will not succeed, you are not ‘most’ people. The fact that you are reading this article (and hopefully you are a subscriber of Upgradereality) means that you have interest in making your life better. This alone separates you from the majority of people who just let life pass them by.

If you can accept the fact that it will take hard work, effort and time to reach your goals, then you have the recipe for being successful and achieving things that most people never will. All you need to do now is stop thinking and start doing.

Take action, day by day, step by step and you will reach your goals!

Cheers to your success!

  • Robert Lee Whitby

    This is just a part of the recipe for a successful life, but a very important one. I know first hand that busting your butt isn’t enough to get you anywhere, you have to have a vision as well. I was born poor and still am poor despite my best efforts, but I know it’s due to something I lack…… Social skills, people skills, positive attitude, belief/confidence in my self. I read another blog that said “you need to focus on benefits” also, I think, is another crucial part of being successful. I quit smoking by researching and focusing on the benefits of quitting smoking Now after 20 years of smoking (yes, since I was a kid) I have now been quit for a month and a half I feel terrific, and I enjoy my improved health everyday! My new philosophy is now or never!!!!!!!

  • Lairm

    Hi Diggy,

    This article helped me to see how achieving doesn’t mean no failure and failure doesn’t mean not achieving Instead what I see is that, whatever I want to achieve I just keep trying and with each try I am gathering what I need to achieve my goal.


  • haagseknul

    i agree with jf56 and his analysis. I’ve worked my ass off for nearly 50 years, always doing more than the job required with little reward for that other than a pat on the back. Now that I’m retired (67) and after divorce I live in a small apartment (400 square feet) with little money to do anything. My ex has the condo that I basically paid for as she didn’t work very much while married. So my hard work never benefited me one bit but somebody else.

    My father once told me that if a person is born a nickle he would never become a quarter. That was true for him as well as my life and my sister. There are people in this world that work very little and seem to walk away with huge salaries and they were destined for that from the start of their life.

    • Lairm

      I agree with ChemGuy. Yes, it might be rare or even more difficult for someone who wasn’t born into success to become successful and at the same time it is possible. It is just as possible for someone born into “bad” circumstances as for the one born into “good” circumstances.

      The difference between the successful and the not so successful are skills. You either are born into a family that taught you those skills from day one or you were not and you go out and read blogs or books or take courses or whatever you do to learn those skills. Once the skills are learned the opportunities for success are the same.

  • Bruno Babic


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  • eew

    after reading 5 to 6 comments i became lazy and stoped reading. Nevertheless i agree with you, but i consider that the main variable here is the luck or lack of it. i see people much more lazy than me and much more successful.

  • Don Vito

    Great article. It did motivate me. Greetings from Bulgaria.

  • Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Bal

    Thank you for this wonderful blog; I really needed something like this to lift my spirit up. Truth be told that life goes up and down, it is how we approach it that will make or break us. I am in a situation where I feel like I have let my fans and my followers down because I promised to publish a new book for them sooner, but because of personal circumstances, which I could not control, I did not manage to publish that new book on time. It has cost me numbers of fans and friends and I felt really stupid and lazy, but I love your message because it tells me that in life we have choices to make; good and bad, and that will result to outcomes that will define success and failure. Thank you very much for inspiring me to succeed.

  • steve

    I finsihed and the first person I talk to says can I have the code…
    No but you can learn programming and write it yourself.
    You will also be able to write lots of other stuff.
    Then he walked away.

    He is of the lazy type.
    Yes, God can let anyone succeed as God deems while another doing the exact thing fails.
    So maybe you should try to get on Gods good side…hmmm

    • Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Bal

      How can God let anyone succeed? Do you have proof? I don’t think so. If there was a god who wanted people to succeed, the world wouldn’t be what it is today.

  • Dawnannerson

    Great post, and very true!

    • Diggy

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • abdullah malik

    I knew I was heading towards the right direction! woohoo! Thanks to the many challenges! GOD! :) Thanks

  • jf56

    Sorry but I think this is all bullshit. Some people are simply not meant to succeed in life no matter how hard they work or try or how good they are at what they do while others who have limited to no skills magically become millionares off of the most idiotic things.

    Take for example this one lady who was raised in a terrible home… dropped out of school at 17… was broke and living in her car at age 20 then 2 years later was a millionare by selling diet books out of the back of her car trunk.

    So basically all you have to do to become a millionare is do exactly what she did. Right? WRONG. You can be guaranteed without a doubt that if you try the same thing you will fail miserably yet somehow she didn’t? Why is that? Because that’s what was meant for her. Not for you.

    Some people are meant to be losers. Some are meant to be winners. And life is not fair.

    So sit back and enjoy the good ride or the crappy ride… depending on who you were born to be.

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  • Farnoosh

    Thorough breakdown of why some people make it to the stars while others never learn to fly. I love the water analogy. Never give up, unless of course it is the wrong thing you are doing. For me, it was the wrong field, the wrong ambition, and the wrong path – and it takes so much courage to realize that. Never giving up on ourselves is the key. Not playing victim to our circumstances but standing on top of it all and shouting “I can I can I can I can… ” :)!

  • Amanda

    I love the post, and I think you have some wonderful points. However, I have a different perception of water. Water can wear away the hardest of substances and get through seemingly impenetrable places. With this view of water, I aspire to being as persistant and free-flowing as wonderful H2O :)

  • Jimmy Sou

    Is it mainly because they are lazy or really because they will not admit, even to themselves, that they are lazy and would rather be hanging out with friends or watching TV than doing the real work?

    I think almost all problems in life have a root in our inability to take responsibility for our contribution to the problem, whatever it is.

    • Diggy

      Hey Jimmy!

      I think people are indeed afraid to admit to themselves that they are lazy because they feel it is a bad thing. I do not think it is bad to admit to yourself that you are lazy because that way you can get off your butt and do something about your life :)

  • Felic Ang

    Hi Ryan,

    Thats absolutely true.
    Very inspiring..
    Do write more inspiring articles in future.


  • Diggy

    Hey Michael!

    The mindset and attitude are very important. Be prepared for the long haul and be determined that you are going to succeed at it but also don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Have fun with it while you are working towards your goals!

  • Ryan

    Inspiring article Diggy. Successful people feel stupid many times before they make it. The difference between achievers and the rest is that they embrace this pain period for what it is: Growth.

    Great insight buddy.
    .-= Ryan ´s last blog ..Don’t Share Your Money Problems with Me, I Don’t Want Them =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Ryan!

      Nice way of putting it! Thanks for leaving a comment Sir!

  • Dev | Technshare

    totally agree with everything you said……
    Great post ;) ‘never give up’
    keep up the good work :)bro
    .-= Dev | Technshare´s last blog ..Tips to get Traffic from Top Social Media Sites =-.

    • Diggy

      Thank you Sir!
      Have an awesome day!!

  • farouk

    very nice one diggy, let me add my voice to yours, it all about not giving up :)
    .-= farouk´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Farouk!
      Thanks for stopping by!! Always appreciated :)

  • Maren Kate

    Persistence really is the key to EVERYTHING it seems :) I see this every day in my life and it still amazes me – you are correct sir, SO many people are just lazy but they’ll blame their failure on everything else but that!

    • Diggy

      Maren :)

      Yep, persistance, determination and passion. Those three are a very powerful and potent recipe to success!

  • Horacio

    Great Post. I have been reading your blog, Lately. And this post it all true. You look like a great guy and it is true you are sharing your wisdom. Keep the good work!

    • Diggy

      Hey Horacio!

      Thank you for the compliment and for leaving a comment!
      Keep well and have a great day!

  • Ivan

    thanks Diggy I loved hearing about your experiences :) I can relate to the bunny slopes :)…some random thoughts :):in life nothing is good nor bad, easy or difficult…it is just our interpretation of it…same with success…many of the people we deem as being successful (politicians, businessmen,celebrities) I would not really consider it success… because to be successful in society’s eyes…you generally need to learn to be very cunning, very competitive, and exploit others…so success is something i feel we need to define for ourselves…but first you need to understand yourself…or else you will be chasing an idea of success that is not yours…so when you get it you will not be fulfilled and when it is taken away you will be at a complete loss…with many of our celebrities they become their success and when you take it away…who will they be now?…to me success is something that no matter what happens in life cannot be taken away from me…we should all find out what that is :)
    .-= Ivan´s last blog ..Create Contrast To Understand Your Growth =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Ivan!

      Thanks for stopping by! I hope that all is well and that you are enjoying life on your side of the world!

      Indeed, success merely means achieving your goals. To people society sees as successful, they may not feel successful yet because they still have goals that they want to reach. It takes some soul-searching to discover what success truly means to you, but I think that everyone can find out if they listen to their hearts.


    • Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Bal

      I disagree; life is meant to be abundant in all its areas.

  • Srinivas Rao


    Solid ideas in this post. I can relate to your whole snowboarding and wakeboarding experience very much as you can imagine :). I had the same experience with surfing and once I had the AHA moment it was the most exhilarating thing. In the moments when we want to give up, that’s usually when we make the most progress. I think that we are continually planting the seeds for success, but you just don’t see progress for a while. And when we don’t see immediate progress we get frustrated. That’s where I think the fault lies with many people, they have this need to see progress.

    • Diggy

      Hey Srinivas!

      Yeah you love surfing! I have to admit I only tried it twice and both times I could not stand up. I can imagine it must be fantastic if you can surf, to ride those waves and be totally free.

      I agree, sometimes it takes a lot of time for those seeds to sprout and bear fruit :)
      Have an awesome day!!

  • Carmen

    Nice analogy to water, Diggy. One thing that always stumps me though is trying to know when I’m trying to swim against a tide that’s just not meant for me as opposed to when I’m simply in the struggle of learning. How do you know if you’re just struggling or if you’re not in a flow?
    .-= Carmen´s last blog ..Pros and Cons of Traveling Abroad with Babies, Kids or Teens! =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Carmen :)

      Thank you! The question to your answer is one that I do not have. If I did then I would sell it for millions of dollars :)

      Sometimes the thing you are trying to do will not work, but there is no way to determine that without trying. (unless of course it has been scientifically proven, but then again, scientists said the earth was flat and people believed them. Was that true?)

      Cheers for stopping by!

  • Tania

    You give so much quality Diggy to your texts!!! I agree with you. I think to get success on something I must do that thing entirely. On sports, it is combination of the whole body with motivation of mind. For everything, if we really really want something, we get it! There isn’t nothing that beats our great force.
    All the best to you! :)

    • Diggy

      Hey Tania!

      Thank you! I try to put some extra thought into my articles to make them worth reading! Glad to hear that you enjoy them!

      Even though sports are very physical, there is indeed a lot of mental effort required to become good at them. If you take a look at the top players of every sport you will notice how incredibly motivated they are and what kind of a mindset they have in order to be so good at what they do!


  • Nate

    For a huge part of my life I followed the water concept. Everyone else around me was taking the easy way so I thought I should too. I think it really comes down to how bad you want something. Sooner or later you reach a point where you realize that the easy way is just not going to cut it if you really want to get where you want to be. Making it through that embarrassing, frustrating and hard time (or learning curve) is tough, but so worth it in the end.

    Great post Diggy!
    .-= Nate´s last blog ..originality =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Nate!

      Yep, I have the tendency to follow the water concept when I don’t actively put in the effort to make change. It’s a natural tendency. With some training, you can create positive habits so that it almost feels bad when you take the easy way. It is both a gift and a curse because then you always end up doing more work than others, but then again you get more rewards.

      I hope you are well!

  • Shiva | Netchunks

    Wow, this is certainly an awesome post. After reading post I got a refreshing mind change and a little bit of encouragement too to “Never Give UP” :)
    .-= Shiva | Netchunks´s last blog ..Adobe Creative Suite 5 Launched =-.

    • Diggy

      Thanks Shiva :)

  • Yavor

    Hey man – for me personally, here is what happens:

    I start a new thing, then I either find that I’m really good at it or that I kinda suck at it. If I happen to hit a wall and find that I suck at it, instead of giving up I dig deeper and find how to get good at it. It is at this stage that people actually give up – here is an example:

    Because of one of my interests is keeping fit (and helping others keep fit) I happen to know that the majority of people who try to workout stop going to the gym after a month or two.

    But if they only tried to keep at it a little longer, they would start getting results – or start learning how to train properly or whatever.

    Btw – is that you on the wake board? Pretty sweet man –

    .-= Yavor´s last blog ..Full Contact Twist For Samurai Abs Of Steel =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Yavor!

      Yeah, Seth Godin wrote an awesome book about that principle of quitting just before you start to see results, it is called ‘The Dip’. With all things, business, sports, self improvement, it can take weeks or months of hard work and effort with seemingly no results. Then, just when you get the feeling that it is all pointless and you want to quite, don’t, because you are normally so close to that major breakthrough.

      Yeah that’s me on the wakeboard :) I actually wanna go wake boarding again this coming weekend, it’s so much fun!
      Cheers for stopping by!

  • Ricardo Diaz

    Hi Diggy,

    a post like this one, is the reason I started to read and subscribe to blogs, the first one was Tim Ferriss’, the second one was Glen’s and the third one was actually yours! I really love the way you write, and your last post “Don’t sabotage your dreams”, really spoke to me and changed my mindset.

    This is how I remember each day why I get up and fight for my dreams:

    Winners never quit. Quitters never win.

    Keep it up!
    .-= Ricardo Diaz´s last blog ..A Completely Normal Night (Part 1) =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Ricardo!

      Wow, I am third after Tim Ferris and Glen? Totally awesome :)
      Thank you for the kind words! I am happy to hear that you enjoy my articles, it makes writing them even more worthwhile when they are appreciated!

      Have an awesome day!

  • tkm

    Diggy, nice article! It’s something that we try to tell our student readership i.e. to keep on going when they get knock backs!
    .-= tkm´s last blog ..Web Browsers Part 2 – Flock: The Social Media Web Browser =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey tkm,

      Thank you! Feel free to link to this article if you think it will inspire your students to never give up when things get tough.

  • Kim

    Hey Diggy!

    How are you?

    Anything worthwhile takes work and in order to grow, sometimes it takes experiencing ‘growing pains.’

    It helps to celebrate the milestones and accomplishments in between to keep motivated. Like checking in every 30 days in a 90 day challenge ;)

    Thanks for your inspiration!

    • Diggy

      Hey Kim!

      I’m doing very good thank you :)
      How about you?

      Haha, was that a subtle hint for my second fitness challenge update? To be honest I have been a bit sick and antibiotics the last 2 weeks and as a result have not been to the gym. So not much progress I’m afraid :)

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Always appreciated!

      • Kim

        Hope you’re on the mend and back to 100% soon!

        No, that wasn’t a hint — just an acknowledgment to keep motivated and push through to success.

        I’m still working on changes and improvements. I’ll be ready for feedback when it happens.

        Be well :)

    • Sven Schoene

      Ok Kim, I nearly spewed Coke all over my monitor because I misread the following sentence:

      “sometimes it takes experiencing ‘growing pains.’”

      I leave it up to you what I could have read there… :D (*cough*last word*cough*)

    • Diggy

      Thank you, will do :)

  • JB King

    There are a few times where I’ve seen water go uphill, usually due to either having a lot of energy and it was in vapour form, or something like an Archimedes’ Screw was bringing it up. After all something has to refill the rivers and lakes that would all just flow down right? Also, if I’m stirring water vigorously, it’ll flow upward and sometimes right out of the glass too!

    It is in my nature to find those anamolies to most statements, not sure why that is a gift of mine, but it is. I do agree with J.D.’s point of some resistance is good as for some people a challenge is a welcomed opportunity. “Yeah, I’m going to conquer this!” could be the mentality of such people, in contrast to a, “Oh, this is hard! I’m not going to do it!” response that may be more typical. Keep up the cool posts, just be prepared for the odd smart alec remark that people like me will give you that is meant in jest and meant to spark you to do better next time.

    • Diggy

      Hey JD!

      Yes indeed you always like to create a discussion, but that is good, I like it.

      Actually, the points that you mention are not valid because if you read my article carefully, you will see that I wrote :

      “This means that as soon as most people encounter a mountain they will not flow uphill to continue their journey towards success and instead stay at their current position until some external force causes them to move (to speak in terms of the water analogy). ”

      Stirring water is an external force causing it to move. Water in vapor form has also been forced to move by an external force (heat). Water in it’s natural form will never move uphill without an external force, because uphill is resistance and water always takes the path of the least resistance.

      Am I correct?

      • JB King

        You are correct about adding an external force will cause water to move possibly uphill. I just look at it as there are natural instances of water moving upward in vapor form, though this does require some external energy source, like the sun or the heat of the earth, to provide the boost. Do people generally think in those terms? I don’t believe so, which is part of what makes me special.

        I’d be tempted to say that when some people encounter difficulties, they will either run away or dig in their heels and fight, the old fight or flight response. I’m more of a fighter than a flyer so I’ll stay and get knocked down or experience failure but sometimes through tenacity and determination I do get to success occasionally or I’ll learn a few lessons along the way. Usually it is overcoming an obstacle that makes me proud of an accomplishment rather than merely finishing something. There has to be that story about how things were bleak and I as an underdog did rise to the challenge and vanquished my foe. It’s kind of like the sour or bitter needed to really enjoy the sweet as it is in experiencing that contrast that makes things awesome for me.

    • Diggy

      “I’d be tempted to say that when some people encounter difficulties, they will either run away or dig in their heels and fight, the old fight or flight response.”

      That is very true. Many people will run away, the percentage of people who stand and fight are definitely not the majority. There are so many spin-offs of this subject though, like for instance most people will stand and fight, but not for their own good. They will fight to protect their world as they know it, even if their world is average or bad, but they will fight for it and defend it because it is the only world they know. That is why they do not actively go out and seek change, because change or improvement will affect their world as they know it.

      I agree with you, the challenge and obstacles are what make the reward sweet. Instant success in everything we do would be pretty boring and unsatisfying!

      Thanks again for sharing your views, I always appreciate it JB!
      Have an awesome day! :)

  • Sven Schoene

    Great post! Taking consistent action is, in my opinion at least, the biggest “disease” our society is facing right now. And books like The Secret, which have a great message at the core, but make people think that “thoughts are everything”, are not helping this with this problem.

    What I really liked about your post, though, was the water-analogy. I never really thought about it in quite this way (that water is always taking the path of least resistance).

    However, I do have a similiar concept. Let me post a little screenshot here:

    There is fire-motivation which is what most people have: Short motivational spikes but not sustainable over the long term. New years resolutions, qutting smoking or not well thought out diets are good examples: You are motivated at the beginning but you don’t follow through. I think a lot of people can relate to this.

    The opposite is water-motivation. Water-motivation might not be as “energetic” or “eruptive” but water-motivated people get the job done.

    Think about erosion: When water is splashing against rocks for thousands of years, it erodes the rocks a little bit more each and every day.

    Therefore a synonym for water-motivation would be tenacity.

    The problem is that water motivated people are bad at inspiring other people or taking big risks. AND NOW YOUR POST COMES IN AND COMPLETES MY CONCEPT: Water motivated people don’t like to take big risks because water always takes the path of least resistance.

    Ultimately we need to have both: Great motivation, inspiration, drive and passion and the ability to ignite the fire in the people around us on the one hand and the tenacity to follow through with our projects and goals on the other hand.

    Now, let me give you a big thanks for “completing” my concept. That was exactly the little piece I was missing. ;-)

    Keep up with the good work!

    • Diggy

      Hey Sven!

      Massive cool comment, thank you!

      I like your fire/water analogy to success and self improvement. I’ve heard it a few times before, in various contexts.I think the best is to have a solid water motivation and be able to apply bursts of fire motivation to get things to a different level every now and then.

  • Arturo

    Hey Diggy,

    Another great and inspirational post. Loved the “Water As A Roadmap To Success”. Never thought of it, but that’s why you are THA MAN.

    Keep it up.


    • Diggy

      Hey Arturo!

      Thank you for the kind words Sir!

      Have an awesome day!

  • Moon Hussain


    Very worthwhile post. I think the important thing to take away is the ‘aha’ part. I have that with most things I take on; nothing comes so naturally. After being confused for a bit, I hit that ‘aha’ moment and then I can do that thing/skill clearly and well.
    .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..Fun Friday Round-Up: Delicious Blog Chowder! =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Moon!

      So true, and sometimes it takes a long time to get that ‘aha’ moment! That is why being successful isn’t easy, but its definitely possible. Just don’t give up when other people do.

      Oh, btw I saw Glen’s comment on his blog about him thinking you were a guy. I have actually thought the same all along too! It’s definitely the picture, my bad!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Moon Hussain

        Clearly I need to make changes to my pic… very, very soon!
        .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..Fun Friday Round-Up: Delicious Blog Chowder! =-.

  • Oscar – freestyle mind

    Hey Diggy, this article is very motivating but so true. I’m a huge believer in persistence and I believe that’s the most important element of success.
    .-= Oscar – freestyle mind´s last blog ..Productivity Tip: Work Offline =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Oscar!

      Yeah I agree with you. Your work is proof of it, keep going and you’ll get really big!

  • Glen Allsopp

    I think this is your best post yet.

    Great article bro; loved the examples :)
    .-= Glen Allsopp´s last blog ..6 Vital Lessons from a $200/day Adsense Account =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Glen!

      Thank you Sir! I appreciate it!

  • BrianJ | Online Business Blogger

    Diggy, I totally agree with everything you said here…

    One other thing to add is, people are scared of change… Even if change puts them in a better place, it’s different from what they know… So they don’t even take a chance.
    .-= BrianJ | Online Business Blogger´s last blog ..How To Flush A Blog Down The Toilet =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Brian!

      Long time Sir, how are you doing?

      That is very true, the primitive brain resists change, it’s hard-wired into us. But…it is possible to overcome that resistance with determination and persistance!

  • J.D. Meier

    I think how we frame things and the metaphors we use for life plays a big role in what we’re willing to go for, and what we’ll get.

    I like to think that resistance makes you stronger (just like whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ;)

    However, a colleague of mine pointed out a good distinction. Some resistance is good … working out or taking on problems that grow you is a good thing. Some resistance is a waste … it’s like pushing the weight sideways.

    To get back on my horse or stand strong when tested, I draw from my metaphors whether it’s simply a peaceful warrior or Spartan dedication or Viking strength. When that doesn’t work, I just watch Vision Quest :)
    .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..Spring Cleaning Sources of Insight =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey JD!

      Totally agreed, how we see life is likely how we go through life. Sometimes we are lucky enough to stumble on something that will change how we see things, but other times it will not fall in our laps if we do not venture out to improve and get better.

      What is a peaceful warrior? Like a Samurai?

      • J.D. Meier

        Peaceful Warrior is actually a good metaphor and book … but I only saw the movie. It’s a really simple movie, but powerful. It’s along the lines of Karate Kid, but I found it even more insightful.

        It’s not on my sidebar anymore, but I have “lessons learned from peaceful warrior” … it’s my brain dump of insights from the movie.
        .-= J.D. Meier´s last blog ..Don’t Regret the Path Not Taken =-.

  • adamquean

    Hey Diggy, spot on article. You are completely correct in that most human beings are intrinsically lazy. We spend so much time day dreaming about “if” and “when” that we forget about the hard work needed to succeed and life passes us by.

    • Diggy

      Heya Adam!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  • David

    great article Diggy, never give up ;)
    .-= David´s last blog ..Blogging Heroes p.2 =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey David!
      Cheers :)