This Might Help Develop Intuition – Developed Using My Intuition.

Funny title hey? Well I am not proclaiming to know exactly how to develop you intuition, when I do, I’ll let you know.  But I have a good idea about how to learn stuff fast and well, and developing my intuition has been in my mind over the last year, so I’ve been doing some background thinking.

Here is my list of things which I think may help develop intuitive abilities.  

  • Be open to learning
    1. Check with yourself if you are currently capable of believing and using intuition.  You should feel if you have a strong limiting belief or if currently intuition will have no meaning for you.
    2. Tell yourself you want to learn more about intuition – Ask and you shall receive is the principal that you are following in this step
    3. Be open to whatever lessons arrive.
  • Avoid deliberately testing your intuitive abilities.  This may seem counter-intuitive, but testing often just reinforces failure so you can accidentally build and strengthen limiting beliefs.  I know many people will tell you to try doing this or that to see if you are developing intuition, but this will work against you just as it does for many children in schools**  People who tell you this are telling you what they are doing and most likely failing at.  They wish they could intuitively sense who is on the end of the phone, but mostly they can just take a good guess and hope that practice makes perfect.  Unfortunately only perfect practice makes perfect so relax, and …
  • Be aware of coincidences – notice them so you can …
  • Celebrate each time your intuition has guided you well. I believe this is critical, and has been a difficulty for me for a long time as I am more a person who has big goals and likes to delay celebration.  Because Intuition is so ubiquitous, it may be difficult to celebrate, so something I have been celebrating with recently is water.  Yes – a simple drink of fresh clean water.  I know it may seem a funny way to celebrate, but celebrations don’t need to be big, they only need to be genuine and water is good for the mind, body and soul so Cheers, here’s to our successes.
  • Develop emotional range.  Intuition seems to appear somewhere between emotion and physical sensation.   Only strong emotions turn into actions and sensations, so practice feeling your emotions more intensively than you are used to.  Like an expert in any field, you will learn about the subtleties when you learn about the extremities.
  • Be willing to fail when you intuition guides you into action then learn from your failures.  This is a simple universal principal of success.  When your intuition directs you to take an action, take it, and if it doesn’t work out in alignment with your happiness then ask yourself why that was the case.  Failure is normal and can have many reasons one option is that your intuition is not yet fully developed or the failure could relate to a pre-existing issue that destined the action to failure before you started.
  • Reduce neediness and greed.  Neediness and greed push you over your capability threshold and other people pick up on neediness and work against it.  Neediness holds back any progress and minimizing consumerism and how much stuff you feel you need is a simple way to increase happiness (emotional range!).
  • Make space.  Insight and self development comes through having the head-space to allow new thoughts, skills and knowledge to enter.  Top sports people and performers clear their minds before peek performance is required.  Do the same, – clear clutter, take a break, relax and go with the flow.  There are lots of ways to do this including through pure focus, meditation, mindfulness, tidying up, clearing out clutter, changing your environment either current or for a break.
  • Remain alert, avoid becoming over tired or drained
    1. Eat regularly but moderately. Again, always good advice no matter what you are undertaking. How can you get a gut feel if you are so full from food that all you want to do is sleep. The adult body can typically do with a lot less food than we think and I would even consider a fast at the right time and with planning and support.
    2. Exercise regularly. Balance is the key, if you stretch yourself too much then like with eating, this will be a distraction to developing intuition because . If you do too little exercise then any exercise or exertion will soon become too much.
    3. Get enough sleep but get up at a regular time each morning
  • Practice mindfulness and grounding.  This is really another form of developing your emotional range.  You can ground to anything and there are many exercises including with music, focus exercises, meditation, visualization, taking a forest walk, whatever works.  Mindfulness is just living in the here and now – bring yourself into the present moment
  • Stay inquisitive.  Another aspect of being open.
  • Persist

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All patience and luck.
**  Aside: Ubiquitous early tests in the education system is one of my pet hates.  Testing and ranking simply doesn’t help at early ages.  What helps is working with a child to set achievable goals and celebrate their successes.  Quite different from setting goals for them and celebrating the goals they pass or the people who pass.