This Is What It’s Like being A Hot Girl

The difference between men and women is pretty big and being a guy you are mostly the predator:)

I’ve never seen it from a girls perspective and decided to set up an experiment,

I made an account on Facebook with pictures of a really good looking girl, and filled in some interests, I must have had close to 50 random guys adding me and sending messages to this account, of course them thinking its the gorgeous girl in the display picture!

hot girl

Below Im going to post the emails that were sent:…

  • HEy u! can u maybe send me ur number plz???
  • im sorry to ask but wasiu in london about 8yrs ago and do u know jackie and benj?
  • hey hey.. how u doing =) xx
  • Halo there. How are you and where you from ?
  • HI. , you are a real good tease!
  • hi
    you seem like some one i would really like to get to know better
    where in south africa are you from?
    or rather what city are you in?
  • Hi it is Chris. I have no idea why I mailed you. Sorry!
  • You are Stunning! Where do you live?
  • oh my you r real sexy ,,,mmmmm yummy
  • wow…ur bod is absolutly STUNNING and amazing..damn ur like a sex g0ddess!
  • u r very sexy, wana kiss ur luscious lipz
  • where in SA are you from
    i must say you are very attractive
  • u are really a vision of true beauty and your naughty smile. . . sexy any way just thought id say hey maybe chat sometime if u keen
  • Hey how r u beautiful?
  • Hi
    How is your day so far?
    I am a very spontaneous guy that is not shy and very direct
    I would love to chat with you and get to know you better
    Who knows what might happen in the future………..I might just be the one you are looking for.Do you like being spoiled………
    What do you like doing for fun and adventure in your spare time?
  • hey , u r beautiful n sexy gal, wana be friends
  • lets hav sex i would love to
  • Beauty has never been so Devine , What do you do to keep yourself busy ……
    Without any strings attached , whats your hobbies and interests…..
  • Hey gorgeous

I think you get the point by now…I could continue posting more of these kind of messages but Im frustrated by these guys already so Im stopping !

You know…I never realised that girls have to put up with this kind of nonsense!
Its pretty ridiculous actually. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t reply to a single one of these messages. They are all the same, needy and pathetic, and not one of the stand out or seem like they really want to get to know the girl.

Judging from the messages above there should be two big realisations and lightbulb moments for you…

1.) You should now realise why girls and especially gorgeous girls act and behave the way they do. Why they have defences up and why they sometimes seem to come across as bitches. All they are doing is seperating the wussies and needy guys from the real men. In dating methods like The Mystery Method, it explains that girls have shields up because there is no possible way that they can have time for each and every guy that tries to approach her or contact her, and she has to come up with a way of maximazing her time and wasting as little of it as possible. Now you can see why this is true!

2.) You should now easily be able to see how to be different from most guys in this world, how to not be needy and wussy, and how to get her attention just by standing out. Especially in real life, if you are having a good time with your buddies, you’re having fun, you walk confident, you can keep eye-contact and you are better than average on the dancefloor, you have a big edge over most guys already. Girls can pick up on this very easily, and when they do and you go to talk to them, all you have to do is be yourself, because a girl can spot quality very fast.

Think for yourself a moment, if you were or are a gorgeous girl, would you even remotely consider spending a millisecond of your time on any one of these guys?
I surely would not. Maybe there are some of these guys who are truly awesome people…but …by acting and portraying themselves the way they do, they might and most certainly will miss their chance of a gorgeous girl getting to know them!

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  • John Gentile

    oh and you women talk about how unoriginal guys are? hell how many fucking hoops does a man have to jump for your stuck up ass? listen i have done countless romantic gestures and the girls didnt even take notice. one time i went to king of the see and saw this beautiful girl doing takout counter at King of the Sea seafood and so i got the idea to act like a long lost pirate looking for true love with his “crabcake girl” on the high seas etc. i emptied a bottle of crown royal and wrote a really clever poem in it and put it in the bottle and then i got a rose and a venus flytrap ahaa and i put it there at night on the steps for her and my number was in the bottle. Not one fucking word did i ever hear. not one damn thing and i have done stuff like that for 12 years. if there is anything that pisses me off it is the fact that women give a huge list of “chores” and “accomplishments” a man has to write off of some list just for the woman to consider him as dateable and he will never be good enough. he will never have the muscles the good job the perfect this that and the other and hell in the end u find out that all you have to do is have money and be a dick . those are the two requirements and then they say “why do you want to mistreat us why do you act like this why why why” Take a look at the way YOU FUCKING ACT and you will see why men dont look for anything more because YOUR PERSONALITY AND DESIRES IN LIFE ARE SCREWED THE FUCK UP. you pretty girls constantly shower assholes with attention and then when youre done you say “omg why did he use me, why is he a dick why (tears) and you look to the nearest nice guy to whine too when hell you view the nice guy as some wimp because he doesnt treat you like shit?! When it comes down to it you woman are the cause of all your own problems because YOU AND YOUR WAYS OF ACTING ARE WHAT MAKE MEN WHAT THEY ACT LIKE AND RECIPROCATE!!!! Get used to it. IVE SAID ENOUGH AND NONE OF YOU WOME WILL ADMIT SHIT AND NONE OF YOU MEN WILL AGREE WITH ME SO I AM GOING TO ASK YOU TO DO ONE THING FOR ME AND IT WILL SHOW YOU EXACTLY THE WAY LIFE IS AND WHAT I AM TRYING TO CONVEY…Watch a movie called COOL AND THE CRAZY with alicia silverstone and you will see EXACTLY the way women are and why men act the way they do.

  • John Gentile

    First of all i want to say that 1 this is a good example of pretty girls ACTUALLY being bitchy and not APPEARING bitchy and 2 what did any of these guys comments say was offensive?
    I want to make a couple comments and this is coming from a nice guy who has never got the girl. You may say “oh he is just saying that because he is ugly or he is insecure or he never got what he wanted” that is not the case. i am going to say what i have to say because I HAVE SEEN IT TIME AND TIME AGAIN! so im going to begin my diatribe starting now—-1 Men stop chasing women and making them into fucking perfection and worshipping at the golden vag…all it does is make you look weak and makes her get a huge head 2 women who are beautiful wont give you a chance because lets face it they want a ken doll and money THAT IS IT. 3 Girls are fucking liars like the twatmuffin who wrote this article. she says that all the guys who asked her out our wussies and weak and desperate? why? because they didnt have the GOD GIVEN FORTUNE OF HAVING GROWN UP WITH HER? BECAUSE THEY DONT LOOK LIKE BRAD PITT? BECAUSE THEY DONT CARRY A FAT WALLET AROUND? women down mens tactics but they arent the ones who have to put themselves out there. 4 i spent 12 years(im 30 now) and i was alone for those 12 years except for 2 girlfriends. one girlfriend was nice but not like the pretty girl this article seems to be about and the other girl was a drug addict. now i was very nice, respectful and kind and i got tired of being alone. i saw every disrespectful perverted and arrogant bastard have a girlfriend. from drug dealers to physically abusive i saw it all. Gorgeous women living in trailer parks with hicks , pricks, and dicks and i sat back and wondered why until one day i said “fuck it if women are slutty and love assholes and perverts than fine i am going to stop chasing them” well before i stopped chasing them i decided to ask 30 women out in 30 days and see how hard it would be. i said to myself “this shouldnt be hard…here you are a nice guy and all you want to do is go see a movie or go to dinner and get to know a girl… just go up to her and have some courage and ask.” well sure enough i had 30 beautiful girls treat me like shit and some even laughed at me. and i said to myself ” youre no brad pitt but your not fat or ugly or disrespectful and you have seen drug dealers who are ugly and mean with gorgeous babes so why are you getting rejected?” well after that i gave up and i said “fuck it” im going to just live my life and be happy without a girl and they can chase and respect every asshole that they so totally ADORE. so of course i got to this site and its the same old lies women always say. i want a good guy i want confidence i bla bla bla. take it from somebody who has seen womens hearts for the past 12 years THEY ARE TOTALLY WORTHLESS FCK WHAT THIS LADY SAYS AND JUST BE YOURSELF AND STOP CHASING WORTHLESS PRETTY RETARDED GIRLS AROUND. its a waste of fucking time playing these games these bitches come up with especially since what they say isnt true from the get go. I MEAN FOR REAL WHY CANT THIS GIRL JUST ADMIT IT AND SAY THAT GIRLS ARE STUCK UP TWATS WHO HAVE BOUNDLESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR LOVE AND MONEY AND WHATEVER EVERY DAY AND THAT THEY ACT STUCK UP BECAUSE OF IT. all i can say is try being a guy and never getting hit on and you might end up having some sense of gratitude and appreciation like men actually feel when a woman actually takes notice. God i wish this girl could be a man for one day .

  • bakis

    oh man im in love with someone in my school were in year 4 im in love with her so love im trying to make her laugth her name is Devon cute name en it shes beatifull but more people like her too what shall i do they make her laugth even more??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Wayne Gilbert

    I dont get it. Why the article that says “what its like to be a hot girl” and the picture of an average if lucky girl?

  • Jason_Constantine

    newsflash, you don’t need to be Brad Pitt to score with decent looking chicka’s as long as you own your shit and have some sense of class, style, purpose, gusto, aliveness. It aint rocket science you don’t need to subscribe to infotapes or take extenze to increase a ‘very important part of the male anatomy’ lmfao. Lets face it we all have strengths and weaknesses and there’s a crapload of variables in the salad we were tossed in life so depends on how real we get with ourselves and what we want in our chicks. There’s plenty in the ocean depends on how patient we are in catching our fresh fishies.

  • Tara Hanson

    Coming from a woman who is fairly attractive, I COMPLETELY agree with this post. He hit the nail on the head. Sometimes being an attractive woman can be very frustrating. And it can believe it or not, be a LOT harder to actually find someone who is interested in getting to know YOU and who you are as a person. I have been in this situation and I did NOT reply to any of the men that sent me texts like this. I dated the men who told me a little about themselves, asked me how I was doing and left it open for me to reply. PS Guys- It’s obvious you have no interest in me when you don’t first tell me a little about yourself. If you text/message/email/facebook me and I don’t know your name,age,place of work, and location in the first message, I don’t waste my time replying because you wasted my time by not telling. Which probably means you don’t have enough common sense/ chivalry to be dating a woman like me.

    Seems harsh but I got a point don’t I?

  • L.a. Jade

    This irritates me so bad because its so true! I absolutly love people and I end up not wanting to hurt anybodys feelings. Then that just gets used against me. Its sad that girls cant find decent guys anymore and this is what it comes down too. If you really want to get to know someone. Get to know THEM. Not their face.

  • SteveS

    haha, great point. guys aren’t the only creepers in the world. i’ve had my fair share of stalkers.

  • SteveS

  • Becky Santana

    This experiment is sadly true. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a pretty girl and I don’t like to walk around by myself because I get loads of creepers walking up to me and just giving me these lewd comments like what those guys posted. I once had some guy tell me I’m a pretty pussy just when I walked out of a bookstore. (I wasn’t even showing anything because I was wearing simple jeans and a simple t-shirt). I’ve been single all my life because I haven’t met a guy that actually treats me like a human instead of a sex toy, and because the nice guys I wouldn’t mind dating are always too afraid to ask me out.

    • SteveS

      Why not ask them out yourself, if you’re interested? You said you wouldn’t mind dating them. If that’s true, what does it matter who asks who out?

      It’s entirely possible they don’t think you want to date them because you’re so attractive. Like this article points out, you’re probably putting up a wall and not even realizing it.

      If you don’t feel comfortable asking them out, then make it clear that you’re interested and put the ball in their court. Don’t complain about not having a love life–you can do something about it, too.

  • Becky

    I’m actually really pretty and it’s annoying when I can’t even walk around by myself in downtown without a whole bunch of guys (mostly between the ages of late 302 and 50s and I’m 20 years old) walking up to me and basically saying what all these messages say. I once had a guy follow me 6 blocks just being stupid telling me how he would love to “get to know” me and how I have such gorgeous lips and a great ass. I got creeped out and reported him to the police. And that was just one situation out of tons.
    So I think this experiment is a sadly accurate experiment about how a good number of men act whenever they see a hot girl around.

    • Diggy

      Yep, sad but true!

  • Danni1994

    Why is it that our society sees every woman as an object of sanctuary and secrecy? I think our ways of sexual interpetation has gotten to a point where we can’t say for sure wether it’s nature or nurture anymore that makes us feel attracted to another sex. I wonder if in 30 years or so the roles will be turned upside down, like as if males will be the lust-object then haha.
    Just some random thought i wanted to share.

    • Diggy

      Thanks for sharing Danni!

  • Victoria

    I believe this is a vary accurate experiment actually. In a world where Facebook is at your finger tips literally, and online dating is so “normal” it just goes to show how sickening men can be, and even sometimes women. I am a 17 year old girl, My Italian-Brazilian-English culture makes me “well above average” in the physical appearance area, but I am also valid Victorian in school. I feel that no matter who the guy is with social media all the responses these days are “Facebook me” so although the not so confident guys will make those comments, so do the oh so sexy jocks. It really is a matter of chance, and my fiance and I are proof. He was in fact one of those idiots who make the “lets have sex” comments. In fact, I still have the chat log in which his exact words were “nice rak, r thy rl?” we started dating 2 weeks later and have never been closer. We have common interest in sports and writing. I’m still happily a virgin he is not. And he has been waiting for 3 1/2 years now. So in all honesty, this experiment is vary accurate, you just have to be that girl willing to look past those comments and find something WORTH examining. For me, it was the fact that he grew up in the ghetto and had a long aggressive past, as I am one all for community service especially in the projects. So like I said, its pure luck, and yes turn down MOST if not all those guys, but stay open minded because you never know, one those guys could be your prince charming you just may not know it yet.

    • Diggy

      Thanks for sharing this Victoria :)

  • Baba Droga

    I actually translated Mystery’s book for my country. I must say I would find him irritating, selfish and shallow. Also I would think that he is a slut and wouldn’t give him a second look. Girls do not want guys who ignore them or make them feel low. Also, just being a good guy isn’t going to work for a really hot girl. There r 100s of hot guys and 100s of good guys hitting on her. But hot and good, now that’s a jack pot. Work on being fit and well groomed and on getting rid of bad habits. Don’t play games.

    • Diggy


  • Phil_b84

    to be honest many hot girls are shallow. and their looks fade in their mid 20s. by 28 most hot girls become needy because they never took a chance on a decent guy who wasn’t “hot”. As their looks (the one thing that defined them) are almost gone they become needy and desperate. While guys at that age stop really caring about women because they either have one they love or are just concerned about their careers and have no time for games or “little defenses” girls put up.

    • Diggy

      True dat

  • Diggy

    Social proof. If a beautiful women is with a man, that man must be or have something special and thus other women become curious:)

  • Humanzombie

    im a guy and i get the same messages from girls… and from guys lol… she is “supa hot” though to be fair!

    • Diggy

      haha :)

  • Diggy

    That’s very beta behaviour. its what every other guy does and it makes you boring in her eyes. She gets this all the time.

  • Diggy

    Yes, sad but true. I hope to educate the male species with this post of mine. Maybe it’ll help make the world a less creepier place :)

  • Greencretsle

    I think that’s crap, women are more attracted to confident men who pursue them instead of playing women games with them.

  • Greencretsle

    I see one major problem with this experiment: it was done via online service. Hitting on a random hot chick online is something creeps with no confidence do. They don’t want to be held responsible for their actions so they do it within the safe confines of the internet. In reality hot chicks are hard to approach which means that only confident men(the kind women like) end up chatting them up.

    • Diggy

      I don’t agree with you at all.

      Of course it’s much easier to message girls online because there is no personal interaction and you don’t need much confidence to do it.

      In real life most beautiful girls get hit on a lot. If a girl is exceptionally beautiful it may indeed be the case that many men are too afraid to approach her, but in general, most hot girls get a lot of attention when they go out.

      • tarek7299

        Thank you for not perpetuating the RIDICULOUS and completely false myth that hot women don’t get hit on because guys are intimiated. That’s bullshit. It is bullshit that so called “PUA’s” use to sell their garbage on how to be “alpha”. Truth is, hot girls DO get hit on all the time.

  • Mm Mmn

    LOL! Some town in Indiana? Now that’s definitely trouble! I live there so i know! Most of them are hicks anyways!

  • Dan Tohatan

    I happen to think it’s a game of chance. Pure chance. If you’re a guy who approaches a girl once a month, you stand a very low chance of ever getting remotely close to what you want. You need to approach women as often as they get approached. I think the whole ‘quality’ men idea is only so that some can make tons of money from others’ suffering. Remember: Competition is the domain of males.

    • Diggy

      Hey Dan,
      Yeah I totally agree it’s a numbers game because there is no way that you can get “every single girl” that you talk to, no matter how much game you’ve got.

      However, there’s a big difference between the number of approaches a guy needs to make if he’s got game compared to when a guy has no game.

      I sometimes need to approach 10 girls before I find one I’m interested in and she’s interested in me in the same way… and I know reasonably well what I’m doing.

      There are loads of “gurus” taking advantage from the dating field and those who cannot get girls, but there are also people genuinely providing teaching materials to make the lives of these guys better. (Like me, with :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Melissa Felton

    Would you like an editing/proofing or a rewrite of this article? I think the content is well worth reading and would love to either make it a bit more intelligible or build upon it – as a female in a college town, I’ve seen my share of all described and more.

  • Diggy


    • humm

      Somewhat true but MANY woman look to you to make the first move, and or at least initiate the exchange of numbers. I can be turned off by woman that pursue me anyway (those are the ones way below my standards usually) I am the hunter. BUT most of what you said is true and it also gets to men always being natural and talking to woman not getting all ‘hyped up’ and putting it on that one night or weekend that is where they screw up most (I got to the local mall for lunch and initiate at least 3 conversations no matter what). Always be on, always be natural and social – cuz players do what they want and suckers do what they can.

  • Diggy

    Hey Steve,
    I hear where you’re coming from but I have to say I disagree. Your initial mindset of being the good guy is not the right one to have, but neither is your current one that you need to be an asshole and use women in order to get them.

    What you need is confidence, passion, a direction in life and boundaries. Treat women with respect but don’t be needy or a wuss.

  • Sabrina Bella

    Hmmmm… I think this is a really great article, actually :)
    I’m 16 and I suppose I’m attractive and nice and stuff and from school I don’t actually get that many weird comments or questions but I frequently get these random friend request with messages similar to the ones you showed and you’re right, it is super annoying. I never actually even consider reading those messages or adding the person. Mainly because they are some stranger and could be a freaky pervert for all I know. Plus I’d rather make friends by using my personality rather then my boobs, butt, and belly. Mind you, that picture of the girl is kind of pushing it. She is in a way throwing herself out there and usually only the girls that are ‘needy’ themselves put those kind of pictures up. Or if they are just sluts. Which is true, there are some people who’d just sleep with anyone. I myself am personally nice to anyone who makes a good first impression, who seems nice themselves, or treats me with respect. If someone rights me a message like “Hey, your such a hotties, love your body. What do you do in your free time? Maybe we can hang out sometimes… ;)” Or something like that, I personally feel offended and reply with a crude, sarcastic remark or not at all. The other day on fb I commented on a photo of the Abercrombie & Fitch site on fb and 4 guys replied to my comment even thought it was just an ‘Oh thats a really nice picture’ type of comment and not anything suggestive. Anyways, 3 of them declared their ‘love’ for me which I think is pathetic and I told them that too. If someone is that straightforward then I will be too and they can damn right listen to what I have to say if they have the nerve to tell me they love me without knowing me or saying I’m beautiful or sexy after seeing one picture.
    BUT some girls do also take advantage of boys like that and ask them those kinds of things, it just doesn’t happen as often because girls aren’t as straightforward and also in our culture its more typical for a guy to make the first move. But regardless the majority of girls think like that when seeing a really hot pic of a guy, lol
    But I definitely think some guys just push it and its not pleasant.

    • Diggy –

      Hi Sabrina,
      Awesome comment, thanks!

      Haha, you’re going to be dealing with this for the next 30 years at least, so prepare yourself for it.
      I really don’t understand guys who declare their love for a girl they don’t even know. Wtf.

      Guys aren’t all bad though.Just learn how to separate the good ones from the bad ones and life will be great:)

    • eatsketios

      Hey Sabrina..send me your number, you’re HOT. HAHAHA

    • eatsketios

      Hey Sabrina..send me your number, you’re HOT. HAHAHA

  • Good article

    The above pos pretty much sums it up but also, these days many people have self esteem issues, if you don,t like who you are why would any girls like you. You have to make girls realize that they are missing out by not being with you and that there the ones that should chase you (believe me it’s a lot easier than you think) and remember women generally are attracted to status.

    P.s. Sorry for the typos :D

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    Meh, she’s okay. I like her hair, it’s pretty…otherwise it’s mostly just a lot of make-up and a push-up bra. :)

    I think you’re little social experiment says a lot about our culture today, that somehow we think that we don’t have to work for anything, and we’re somehow entitled to a peice of the action just because we want it. “Hey baby, let’s screw!” probably will only work on Spring Break in Cancun…

    The rest of the time you’ve got to be a real man…one that’s polite and courteous, but not a complete pushover. Girls like a confident man, but not an arrogant one (well, some probably do). There’s a balance that needs to be struck between being a complete dickhead, and being too nice. Too nice and you’ll be the friend that’s always there to lend your shoulder to cry on, too rude and you won’t even get your foot in the door.

    Moral of the story…don’t message a girl you don’t know random shit on the Internet unless you can compose a message that isn’t totally mindless and hormone-driven.

    Good article!

    • Diggy

      Hey Steven,
      Yeah gaming girls online is a lil weird and most guys don’t succeed in it, although I know a couple of guys who get laid like rockstars from sites like PlentyofFish.

      As you say, it’s all about being a man, with a mixture of confidence, nice guy and asshole put together.You can’t be too much of the one and not of the other. Too much nice guy won’t get you anywhere, but too much of being an asshole won’t get you very far either.

  • Val

    Thank you for this! I come across as a bitch so often, but after years of modeling/being on social networks and just being hit on way too much, it’s become a knee-jerk reaction.

  • Anthony

    Hahaha! I cringe at my fellow species! On facebook I found a very nice photo of Kate Beckinsale and put it on my profile picture just to show my appreciation of her beauty and I was BOMBARDED by loser men saying the same stuff as above. They assumed she was a reachable girl, even though she’s a famous actress.

    In their haste they failed to see-my name “Anthony” as the profile name!

    • Diggy

      Hey Anthony,
      haha, yeah it’s crazy how guys act. Many people have taken advantage of this by setting up female profile and spamming all guys who message “her”.

  • Natalie Dolan

    A fantastic post. Brings me back to my Myspace days when I had an account I used everyday over two and a half years ago prior to having my son. I noticed a huge difference in the level of interest and messages I recieved when I changed my display photo from that of my face to a full length lingerie photo I did for a charity calendar. It was amusing the messages you would recieve from guys and the kinds of things they would say to you. But not all messages were positive, complimentary, pervy or creepy. I have found not just from my own experience but also from making friends and communicating with some attractive females, some who are regular everyday girls and some that are models both amatuer and professional that they also had recieved the experience of recieving messages not just from sex hungry males but also nasty, vile and abusive messages from other woman. I soon changed my photo back to that of my face just to reduce all the childish drama it seemed to bring. But it is amusing how thirteen year old boys think that twenty odd year old woman with a real sex life would want to spend their time having cyber sex or web cam sessions to cure their teenage built up sexual frustrations.

    • Diggy

      Hi Natalie,
      Yeah that’s pretty much how it works. When guys see a picture of a half-naked pretty girl with cleavage then the nasty and animal nature comes out along with the comments.

      As long as you don’t take it personally I guess it’s kind of flattering. But at the same time how can you take anyone like that seriously :)

  • Marie Kazalia

    I have my Skype account set to Do Not Disturb and yet I have received several stranger contacts, all basically the same:

    “Hi, I’m divorced with one kid who lives with it’s mother. Let’s talk.”

    Creepy. I delete them always.

    I sell my art online, and one guy in an African country saw my pic, and contacted me like I was for sale, asking for a full body shot so he could “get a look at me.” I replied that my paintings are available, and if he had any questions…
    He apologized, but a waste of time for us both.

    What bothers me about men is when they behave like only what they want matters. The sad thing is that those types might find someone to go along with them.

    • Diggy

      HI Marie,
      Yeah it’s amazing how creeps always find girls. It’s like they have nothing better to do all day but stalk the internet in search of prey.

      Their time would be better spent learning how to get good with women without nasty comments or cheesy pickup lines.

  • Amit

    You took great example to put forward your point. Again how close you keep your cards and keep the curiosity alive is another factor to attract. You need to evoke the ineterst to the level that person get used to you and find it difficult to go outside your company.

  • David Rachford

    Great story! About a two years ago, I tried something similar on the dating site POF. I wanted to understand what dating sites were like from a woman’s perspective, because I wasn’t getting much response from my profile.

    The results were stunning, and most of the replies I had were just like yours. I think I was getting something like 30-40 emails / day over a week. It was crazy!

    I actually feel like I learned to empathize with women on dating sites, AND, more importantly, I learned how “not to” approach women on line.

  • tempo dulu

    Well, it’s probably best to be “in demand” than completely shunned. But people do stange things on-line and are not so aggresive in hitting on a girl off-line – i.e. face to face – in case they are rejected. Cheers.
    .-= tempo dulu´s last blog ..Indonesia’s richest people 2010 (Forbes) =-.

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  • Lia

    It’s more like that is what it’s like to be a girl in general. I’m not hot at all and still I get a lot of those “ur cute” and “wanna fuck?” messages on various sites.

    Still I wish I was as lovely as the girl in the photo you used, I think I could deal with more random messages if it meant I could be more attractive to the kinds of guys I am attracted to.

    • Diggy

      Hey Lia!
      Welcome to upgradereality and thanks for stopping by! :)

      Haha, yeah guys will be guys. I’m actually busy writing an updated version of this post so it will appear on my blog soon. I think that unfortunately from a guys persepective, a girls beauty is a big factor for relationships, especially in the younger years (20′s-30′s). A girl with the best personality in the world but average looks will find it more dificult to attract guys than if she were good-looking. But then again if she were good-looking, maybe guys only want her for her looks and not her personality. It’s a complicated matter but fun to think about and discuss :)

  • Jennie

    Interesting experiment… and so typical the results. Thanks for posting this! Maybe some guys will read it and take it to heart.
    .-= Jennie´s last blog ..Asian Kelp Noodle Explosion =-.

    • Diggy

      Heya Jennie!
      I hope guys will read it and take it to heart :) I like your blog by the way! Looks yummy! Keep up the good work and soon you’ll have a very valuable resource! :)

  • MelMax

    Awesome article! I’m here from stumble upon and will give it a thumbs up.

    The worst for me is going to the bar or to a pub or basically any public place. I get annoying and degrading cat calls. “Hey baby nice *ss! Hey can I buy you a drink baby?” It’s so horrible and really disgusting and I don’t know if anyone out there would like it. When I ignore them I get “Oh fine, be a b*tch then! Your such a snob!” etc. So yes, girls have to have to develop tough skin to get through day to day.
    And you are correct when you say the good ones no longer go to clubs. I don’t for that particular reason. I’m not a snob, but the comments are not flattering and they are degrading. When I just want to go out with friends to enjoy a drink and play pool, I’m not there to try and hook up with random creeps. Cat calls, like these facebook emails, don’t work and they never have.

    • Diggy

      Heya Mel!
      Thanks for leaving a cool comment! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the article. You’ve pretty much summed it up. It sucks that it has to be that way! I do actually think that some girls become very b*tchy because of the attention they receive and how good they look but there are plenty of gorgeous girls who are really sweet and nice with a good heart. I think you’re the latter ;)

  • sheila

    Annoying itsn’t it! Perspective is a great teacher :)

  • Maria Brophy

    This is hilarious! When I was single, I would crack up my snobby cute girlfriends when we would go out to nightclubs by finding the geekiest, lonliest looking guy there, and buy him a drink. I’d then hang out and dance with him all night. It guaranteed me an intellectual and stimulating conversation, while keeping away all the saps that thought they were cool. Oh, and the geeky guy was grateful for the company!
    .-= Maria Brophy´s last blog ..Burnt Out? Revitalize Your Creative Energy =-.

    • Diggy –

      Haha Maria :)
      Glad you enjoyed it! Wow, I bet there are not a lot of girls who do that. Must be nice for the lonely guy to have 3 beautiful girls come up to him and buy him a drink. I’ve actually come to the conclusion that the very pretty girls hardly go to nightclubs anymore (or maybe only the top class ones) and instead go to parties at peoples houses and other social events where they are not at risk of being hit on by hundreds of drunk and sleazy guys. Thanks for stopping by :)

    • dave

      Ms. Mariabrophy (and her other selfish, self-centered sisters out there) – Does EVERYTHING you women do have to involve a trick? No wonder guys do not approach anymore, they are wising up?

      • mariabrophy

        Hey Dave, I bought the guy a drink and had fun talking to him. Where’s the trick?! That’s not selfish, it’s kind. It was genuine. I enjoy talking to people with a brain much more than the party animal. Just my preference. My “friends”, on the other hand, were shallow; they only talked to the good looking guys with smooth moves. That was my point – I guess I didn’t explain it well enough.

  • Mike Key

    That’s what you get when you have a society that is teaching men that they aren’t men unless they can get a woman in bed. The idea that your manhood is based on your sole ability to reproduce is everywhere in media.

    The second problem that ads fuel to the fire is half naked woman who can’t have the self respect to cover themselves.

    I’m married and I hate having to worry about naked woman all over the place when I go out on a date with my wife. I don’t want to be distracted because some girl decided she needs to cause other men to lust.

    Look ladies, if you got it flaunt it is a bunch of bullshit. Cover it up.

    You get sleeze balls becuase you dress like a whore and society, tv, media, etc represent hot girls as easy. Sex is everywhere and no wonder there is such dysfunction.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Mike!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your view. I agree with you on the fact that the media is largely responsible for the misconception about sex.

      Girls who dress provacatively obviously attract attention from the wrong guys and in that case they are not allowed to complain about it.

      However I do not agree that beautiful girls are responsible for all the sleazy guys hitting on them. I think that the majority of guys do not really know how to talk to girls without being creepy or overly sexual.


      • jenna

        this article is not bad at all. but it barely grazes the surface of what attractive women and women in general put up with from men.

        maybe in this case the guys lack social skills because they are pretty stupid to contact someone this way or say those things as if the girl is a stripper at a club.

        but generally i don’t agree that its just lack of social skills or pressure from society. a lot of men are smarter than these guys and they still do this and are actually much worse.

        because these girls are attractive many men act as if they deserve to be disrespected and put up with shit from them.

        • Diggy

          Hey Jenna!
          Thanks for stopping by :)

          I know what you are talking about but I cannot tell you why it is the case. I think that a man who disrespects a beautiful girl just because she doesnt want him is a man with low self esteem and low self worth.

  • Laura

    Hey Diggy,

    THANK YOU! It’s about time men started to understand what it is like to be a girl in the world. Every time you walk out into the world (real or virtual), you are bombarded by men making all kinds of propositions. And the saddest part is, most of the time they all sound the same. THIS is why an original attempt, and the act of being real, is what captures a girl’s attention.

    I have long suspected that the reason women respond to men with status isn’t so much about the status, but the fact that it gives a clue that perhaps there is substance to him. How else can we determine that, when there are so many men coming at us, with so many lame lines? A man with status is a signifier: this man has his focus on something other than JUST sex (though we know perhaps he has sought status just to be more appealing…but we hope it is more). Status indicates he may have levels of self-discipline, self-esteem, self-respect, and understands the concept of looking toward the future, planning his life, DESIGNING his life.

    Men assume it is just ‘status’ we want. No, more often than not, it is that we are seeking someone who has it going on….who has a real life, who is creating a life of substance (not stuff, per se, but something that indicates he wants something other than to just bed us).

    Yes, the signifier isn’t always accurate. but…how else can women sort through the endless propositions hurled at us each time we have the nerve to walk out in public? You experienced it for a brief amount of time online – imagine living with that every day of your life? When you just want to run an errand, go visit friends, or go out to the store? No matter where you go, there is ALWAYS SOME GUY, waiting to hurl some DUMB comment at you. And more often than not, there are the inevitable ones who want to take it a step further, brushing up against you in the subway, or worse.

    Are we defensive? Yup. Do we desperately look for signifiers, qualifiers, to help us sort through the endless stream of men who approach us? Yup. Does the common signifier of ‘men with status’ look selfish or opportunistic? Yes it does. But it is always a reflection of the caliber of the girl, or of her morals/values? NO!!! More often than not, the girl is not a ‘gold-digger’, but a girl who is just lost and confused trying to navigate her way through the world, and desperately trying to figure out how to sort through all the flotsam floating by as she moves through the world.

    Thank you for this post. It is much needed.

    • Diggy –

      Wow, thank you for the awesome comment! :) Glad you enjoyed this post that it inspired you to tell me about it. I have at brief times gotten a glimpse what it’s like being a beautiful girl and having so many guys constantly approach you the whole time. I totally understand why girls like a guy who is different and original, and it makes him stand out a mile above every other guy she has ever met.

      I’m soon going to do another post on a similar topic as this so stay tuned: )
      Have an awesome week!!

    • Anon

      This is a poor attempt at rationalizing why women are attracted to men with status. The fact is women are attracted to men with status for the same reason men are attracted to beautiful women:

      We find them sexy.

      Nothing more. When a guy wants to fuck a cheerleader, he’s not thinking about favorable genes that might be passed on to future descendants. He’s just following his urges, as our women who seek out men of higher status.

      This is not to say there isn’t benefits from this, but those come after to the fact. At the end of the day, we are rather simple creatures. Power is sexy, men with status have it. And it doesn’t really matter how they attained it. Behind every great fortune, is a great crime (quietly overlooked by the masses of women who lust after such men).

      Regardless, it is a good thing for women to desire men of status. Just don’t delude yourselves into thinking you’ll wind up with a virtuous man. His elevation came at someone’s expense.

  • Tony

    Haha, this is a great post. I got a good laugh out of it. You would think a guy with good grammar alone would stand out. I’m going to have to think twice next time I message a girl on now.

    • Diggy –

      Haha Tony :)
      Grammar is super important! Glad you enjoyed the article!

  • TylinaVespart

    You know, I wondered when someone would cotton on to this – don’t know about any of the other women out there but I’ve just stopped posting photographs altogether for exactly that reason (unless I’ve more reason to post than not).

    It gets quite frustrating… Anyway, great post – hope more people read and apply this lol :)

    • Diggy –

      Thanks Tylina! How about an avatar picture or the readers of this post? :)

  • Ronak R.

    That seems so incredibly true! :-) I guess the audience (netizens, I mean) needs a tutor like you! ;)

    Bless you!

    ~ RokZRooM

  • Casual Dating Tips

    I would like to say that most men end up coming around but it is too late.

    So if I could leave the men with any advice it is this….. Be a nice guy and you truly will end up with the hot girl. It might take a couple tries, but there are MANY women who have been treated badly by their ex, and they are looking for Mr. Right….

    You don’t have to give away your ego, just be a gentleman.

  • Anna Conlan

    Hi Diggy,

    Found your website through Jennifer’s interview with you.

    I identified with this post. I don’t get that many blokes asking me out but I would say in the past the most off-putting thing has been when a guy approaches you and asks you out before you’ve even exchanged any words. I mean, it’s best to at least say a few words and find out what someone’s like before you ask them out on a date – That is what turns me off because it comes across as shallow. Anyway, sorry for the bratty rant.

    Glad you did this experiment :)

    I look forward to exploring the rest of your blog!

    .-= Anna Conlan´s last blog ..How to Change Your Life and Get What You Want Using the Law of Attraction =-.

    • Diggy –

      Heya Anna!

      Welcome to Upgradereality! Glad to have you here :)
      Haha, it was about 50% bratty and 50% truth so no worries. Speak your mind, I love hearing other people’s views. I agree, at least a couple words should be spoken, but sometimes a minute of two of conversation can be enough to make a decision whether you want to get to know someone or whether you do not.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  • Eli Simpson –


    Thanks for your courage in addressing a subject that can be very touchy in today’s society. I also appreciate the recommend of TWOTSP by Deida. I went to a Deida conference out in Seattle a year ago and it was a defining moment in my life. I just recently started a men’s focus group in my spiritual community to dig deeper into what the every day man views himself as. I’d like to share ideas with people like yourself on what we can do to build a great consciousness of masculinity.

    To all the above,

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  • susie

    Hello, I’ve been that girl in the picture, and you’re right about how we put up walls. most of the guys who write me bore me to tears with these rote lines. I don’t mind being told I’m gorgeous at all, but I want much more than that…I want some depth and soul.

    • Diggy –

      Heya Susan!
      Welcome to Upgradereality! Thanks for stopping by :)

      I checked your myspace profile and you are definitely the kind of girl I wrote about ;) I know what you mean, the shallow comments with nothing behind them, it’s just crude and offensive.

      Let’s change the world by educating guys about this one at a time ;)

      Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • Sean

    Diggy, Great post man. It is pretty unbelievable to see so many people acting like that. And this was only via email. Imagine how many looks and cat calls she gets while she is walking down the street! Thats what I would like to see next. Find a girl, put her in a bikini and follow her as she walks around town. I bet it would be a scarier version of what you already witnessed…

    • Diggy –

      Hey Sean!

      haha, sounds like an awesome idea, and have a hidden spy cam on her and an audio recorder, make a first person view video “a day in the life of a pretty girl” .

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Shane

    Ha, what a cool idea!
    I really feel sorry for hot women right now, reading those messages you got sent to that account was almost physically painful…
    .-= Shane´s last blog ..Derren Brown: A Brief Glimpse Into an Incredible Mind =-.

    • Diggy –

      Heya Shane :)

      Haha, yeah it makes me cringe,horrible!

      Thanks for stopping by!


    Lol Diggy, really enjoyed reading that post. A very interesting look into the crap good looking women have to put up with on a daily basis, I will definitely remember this one.

    Now just remember to delete the account, wouldn’t want to you get lost into pretending to be a lady too much. One could get very confused lol.

    Great post, made me laugh.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Jonny ;)

      Haha, glad you enjoyed it man.
      Yep that account is all gone, …or is it? ;) hehe

  • Cammie (momsmaterial)

    I just found your site through cheerupnation. After reading this I have decided I am too old to get these or not hot. :)

    I found this article very interesting as a mother of both a boy and a girl.
    I am working on an article on my site educating parents on internet safety for their kids. I bet more parents would be willing to talk to their kids if they saw this.

    I would love to post an except of this and link it back to your site!

    Thanks and I look forward to visiting your site more.

    • Diggy –

      Cammie!! :)

      Welcome to UpgradeReality! :)
      I’ve seen you comment on Cheerupnation, so nice to finally meet you!

      Haha, you still look pretty hot to me ;)

      Yeah it’s crazy what goes on online, and what pretty girls have to deal with for a long long time. I think it’s a good idea to educate kids about it, they will discover it for themselves, but just prevent them any possible hassle, maybe ways how to deal with it, because there are a lot of creeps and stalkers in this world.

      You’re welcome to link to the article anytime!

      Thanks for stopping by
      Have an awesome day!

  • Giselle

    Thanks for this article. It’s actually true. Although I don’t perceive to be a hot gorgeous girl I do get some messages like these and end up deleting all of the messages. Not one stood out, since they were all the same.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Giselle!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

      It’s sad isn’t it, You want me to send you an original message ? *wink wink* ? :) hehehe

      • Giselle

        LOL thanks Diggy, and yes I received your message!

  • Yavor

    Exactly man – the other night I was talking to one of my friends. He had just split with his girl for the second time. I told him to try imagining things from her perspective – she is super hot and guys hit on her constantly.

    I told him chasing after her was a loser’s game. Also, I believe young girls like her get addicted to this feeling (of feeling like a goddess everywhere) and avoid being in a long term ‘exclusive’ relationship…

    • Diggy –

      Vey True Yavor!

      Chasing her would be the wrong strategy, this just validates her ego. As soon as he stops this and tells he to get lost, and that she is missing out, she will start to ask herself like “who is this guy to reject em” and actually start to chase him because he is now a challenge instead of a supplicating wussy :)

  • Addweb

    I agree whole heartedly, 99% of all men are so superficial! The world has changed so much, whatever has happened to good old fashioned values?

    • Diggy –

      Straight out the window I guess :)
      Chivalry is dead?

    • kurisu7885

      MTV and other pop media ran them over with a Mack truck, that’s what happened

    • kurisu7885

      Good story, and often sadly true. I used to pull crap like this and it hardly got me anywhere.

      I started just letting more of my personality show, and honestly, if I can’t say anything meaningful, I don’t say it. In fact it takes effort for me to post like those, questionable males do. It,s also a good way to sort out the douchebags, only problem is, some males do hide behind a facade in order to “bump and dump”, which his sad.

  • Angie

    That’s exactly what happen to me. I once wrote an ad for a classified ads’ website and I receive over 600 messages. Everybody was saying the same thing. On the 600 guys, only about three were original.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Angie,
      I hope out of those 3 you found at least 1 decent one to take you out for a drink :)

  • Mike

    Mike wrote: reading books to understand women. isnt that kinda missing the whole point. if all the women were the same then that book would do you good.

    Other Mike answered: If you are not willing to read a book, where are you going to get your information? From the guys that are the subject matter of this blog post? Your parents? Your teachers? From getting shut down so many times you become an asshole? Reading a book, several of them, from different POV’s is a very good path to understanding.

  • Mike


    The links are reversed on the books you are recommending. Otherwise this is good stuff. It is very difficult sit to watch my fellow man degrade himself. Hopefully, coming from you a few out there will reach out and grab a clue.


    • Diggy –

      Hey Mike!

      Thanks for pointing that out, luckily the site has has a complete overhaul so everything is A okay :)

  • Mango

    Haha… Yeah, it does suck being an attractive girl. (Sorry, I don’t really like the term “hot”)

    • Diggy –

      Hey Mango :)
      Haha, it has its perks too :)

  • Master Hater

    This is pretty obvious. If you want to completely max out your email account post a model female on casual encounters.

    This is how Adult Friend Finder has sold for over 100 million dollars…

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  • avidan the sane

    wow. i did sutin like this. i got two model mugshots and posted them. after a day, i got 900 msgs from guys, and 450 from girls

    • Diggy –

      Yep, you can do this over and over and get the same results each time.

  • brian

    You should now be able to see that having the world handed to them on a silver platter can sometimes be a minor inconvenience and make them bitter. Just imagine if every single member of the opposite sex would do anything you asked. You’d be a cold and rigid person too.

    Get your shit together guys, girls got it tough.

  • random :]

    Thank you for this! It’s good to know that not all hope is lost in the male species. A lot of times I come off as a bitch because of the way men approach me (not saying I’m hot or anything, haha) and it makes me look arrogant, but the truth is it actually lowers my self esteem. Whenever a guy is clearly only trying to get in my pants I always wonder if that’s all that men see about me. I ask myself if who I am as a person isn’t good enough, if I seem to come off as the type of woman that’d be okay with being an object?

    Men really should take a lesson from this. There’s so much more to a woman than just a face. Everyone is attractive in their own way and should be regarded with a potentially wonderful personality instead of an easy shag or some sort of fantasy fulfillment.

    Again, thank you :]

    • Diggy –

      You’re totally welcome!! :)

  • RiRi

    I would have to agree.
    I know from experience that this is the case. For example.

    One day last week. I got 5 friend requests on myspace. (I’m a member of myspace, facebook and bebo…a little sad)

    Anyway, One of the guys says…
    ‘Hey baby, Howz u? xxx’

    The other says ‘Hey there, I’m sorry this is a tad random but I saw your page and hit ‘add’. This isnt a regular past time of mine- I promise’

    He left no x’s. That is a particularly good move in my eyes. He didnt come across pervy or weird. He told me that he doesnt do it often. He also left the conversation open, for me to do some of the work.

    For the first fellow, all I could have said was ‘Hey, I’m great, How are you?’ Whereas the latter allowed me to do some of the talking.

    Who did I reply to? The second guy! Of course! Even though the better looking of the two was the first one. That was irrelevant. The fact that the first guy had spelled 2 out of 4 words incorrectly didnt help either.

    If there is a gal catching your eye, dont mess it up. Be original. Be unique. Stand out from the crowd. No matter what you look like, if she likes the sound of you, that will count a lot more.

    I have been talking to the second guy now for 8 days now and turns out that he’s a really great guy. We have a lot in common and he’s got a fantastic sense of humour. Long may it last.

    Peace out

    • Diggy –

      Hey Riri!

      Cheers for stopping by :)
      Really cool story, you should do your own case study sometime :)

      Good luck with your 2nd guy, hope things work out!

  • mike

    reading books to understand women. isnt that kinda missing the whole point. if all the women were the same then that book would do you good. there is also good reasoning which tends to work for men only. if somebody finds a girl sexy is it not the point of showing it truly and honestly that which is preferred by the ladies. women understand asshole the other kind scares them off. lol

    • Diggy –

      Very true mike.
      Cool saying, I’m stealing that :)

      “women understand asshole, the other kind scares them off”

  • Apoc

    I actually did this a couple years ago on myspace. I made an account using pics from some hot asian girl. I’ve got several hundred “friends” on there now, about 50 emails a day from guys looking to hook up, and thousands of comments, many from other asian girls talking like they know me in real life.

    • Diggy –

      Haha, crazy how social networking sites work, guys just want to add any hot girl as a friend!

  • Diggy

    Hey Diana!
    Thank you for you kind words:)

    Thank you for your comment too.
    I think however,you are missing the point of my post. There is NOTHING wrong with wanting to be with a beautiful woman, all I’m attacking is the way most guys go bout it.
    Most woman want a real man, not some needy clingy wimpy guy. A real man is confident,humble,ambitious,passionate and original. One of the best books I have ever read that explains what a real man is, is called “The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida, its featured in the sidebar and on the recommended page of this blog, I suggest to get yourself a copy and you will realise what I’m saying in this post.
    All the best

  • Diana


    You are a true man for acknowledging this truth. I only wish all men were as real and as humble as you.

    Thank You!

  • mike

    well we cant help it, ladies tend to be attracted by status and men are attracted by beauty. it is obvious biology. well what if i said lets fuck.. i am the president of Oil. that will come over as very rude but i would still own a bank hence you will fantasize about my money and you realize how many other women would want that, biologically you cant help it. .the great Nietzsche went mad trying understand women , at one time he was asked why he always whispered to horses; he replied i understand the horses. so your beauty well fade away but i well still own a bank. i have idea for next time post your college scores with a sexy picture and see who is really interested.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Mike.

      Thanks for leaving a comment :)
      I don’t entirely agree, but i do agree with the fact that men want beauty and women want social status. (generalisation)

    • muse

      The thing about Nietzche (and not that he writes like a maniac filtered through the google tanslator) and women is that you can count the amount of liasons he had on a mitten. From one of those -a prostitute- he got the syph, which eventually chewed out his brain and killed him. I would not love advice from a raving syphylitic dud like him. Unless you’re looking for… the Gay Science!

  • admin

    Hey Jo:) Yes its pretty strange how most men act…Think I should start a school and give some coaching:P

  • Jo

    Thank you for posting this. I wouldn’t consider myself a movie-quality gorgeous woman, but I’m reasonably attractive and when I had actual pictures of me up on a blogging site, I would get messages like that all the time from desperate, pathetic men all around the world. I never even bothered replying to any of them and eventually I got so sick of getting these messages, more than 20 of them per day, that I changed my profile picture to a 4th-grade quality picture I made in Paint. I started being interested in my boyfriend because he just acted like himself and didn’t make any wussy/desperate remarks like the ones displayed in this post.

    To all the men out there – seriously. If you want a nice girl, be a nice guy. Beauty queens or not, we women respect men who respect US — and themselves. If you can show us that there is more to you than your “friend,” you’ll do better with us than you can ever imagine.

    • Date Hater

      I agree with your first paragraph, but I don’t think it has any relation to the second.

      Avoiding the mistakes in the article shows that you have self control and social skills. It doesn’t mean you’re a nice guy.

      • Diggy

        This article is only meant to show people what it’s like being a hot girl, it has nothing to do with being a nice guy:)

        I agree though, there are plenty of bad dudes who just know the social rules and how to play the game, but at the end of the day they are bad towards women and treat them poorly. Don’t be one of those bad dudes.

        Thanks for stopping by!

  • Dentar

    U photo ez sexy, do u have manfriend?

    • Diggy –

      Crazy man :)

  • Chelsea

    God bless you!

    • Washington

      Chelsea said, “God bless you.” That’s my best word there. You are indeed blessed. Thanks.