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Luck (also known as good fortune) is a word given to describe the occurrence of an improbable event like winning the lottery.  People use lucky charms to influence their luck, but how would it be if you decided to be your own lucky charm?

Winning the lottery off a single ticket can be described as luck because of the minuscule chance that you have of purchasing the winning lottery ticket out of a selection of tens of thousands of possible combinations. But what were your chances of being born compared to all the billions of eggs and sperm that were never born?  More or less, exactly the same, one in a million or more.  So in that sense, you as a unique individual on this world are already enormously lucky (a good start for a lucky charm).

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The Difference Between Luck And Skill

The word “luck” tends to be overused, especially in situations where skill is a definitive factor in the outcome.

For example, if I were to throw a basketball at the hoop from the halfway line and the ball went through the hoop, that would be considered luck because I never practice this.

However, if Michael Jordan were to do the same and he would shoot the ball through the hoop 5 times, that would be skill and not luck.

There is a saying that goes …

“The more I practice the luckier I get”.

Anything where the outcome relies on something that can be learned is mostly based on skill and very little on luck. Examples of this would include shooting targets, getting a ball into a goal, martial arts, product sales, racing, pottery and even making new friends.  Usually, you can increase your luck significantly in these areas with a burst of concentrated practice or effort.  Say 100% effort over 2 weeks.  Sometimes even days make a difference.  You become your own lucky charm because you have increased your skill, your circle of people who can help you and your knowledge.   Even winning the lottery takes some minimal effort to take action and buy the ticket.  This minimal effort corresponds to the minimal chance of winning, which is why with effort (including practice) you can improve your luck in certain areas massively.  Good areas for this include sports, any skill-based activity including sales and job interviews.  Pure practice and preparation.

In situations where the outcome is determined by pure chance, then there are still things you can do.

Good Luck Charms

Superstition is something that’s been around for centuries. People from all ages and races throughout time have attached meaning to certain actions, objects and rituals.

A 4-leaf clover and a horse-shoe for example are considered good charms to bring luck to you. For some reason the number 13 is thought to bring bad luck (but can actually bring good luck in certain situations).  But the question is whether or not objects actually have the ability to bring us luck. Is there such a thing as good luck charms?

Why do Lucky Charms Work?

So skill and practice definitely improves luck, but I there is so much wisdom in folk tales, rituals and myths that surely lucky charms must truly increase luck too.  I believe they do, but for a completely different reason.  Luck has one dimension of action (aka practice) but it has another dimension of recognizing opportunity.  This often comes before the action.  IE you have no action to take if you didn’t recognize the opportunity.

People who believe in lucky charms, are believe and know that good luck will come their way (they have a charm after all).  This makes them open to recognizing opportunities and taking he action (big or small) required to accept the good luck that flows their way.  This is a key way in which you can become your own lucky charm, but being open to good luck.  If you carry a charm to help, that’s fine, this is just a reminder.   Let’s face it, we all need reminders to get things done and turn onetime thoughts into habits.

Step by Step – How To Become Your Own Lucky Charm

Step 1 – Think of Yourself as Lucky, Never Unlucky

This is key.  Just simply know that you are lucky.  If it helps, remember that you were born out of millions of potential people who weren’t.  Even what seems like bad luck can be good luck in disguise.  We all have events flowing our way, like the story good luck, bad luck, who knows.  Never tell yourself that you are not lucky or that you never get a break. Don’t say it, don’t even think it as these become limiting beliefs.

Step 2 – Tell Other People that you are Lucky

Whether you use lucky charms or not, many people believe in them, so associate yourself with good luck in the minds of those around you.  Just tell the stories about when you have had good luck rather than complain about bad happenings and people will know that you are a lucky person.

Step 3 – Practice Bursts of 100% Effort

Bursts of 100% effort are really effective at making rapid progress.  Put 100% effort into the area you want good luck in for short bursts then increase the time as you get better.  This can be study, focus or practice.  This hones the body and mind into being a mean, lean luck machine!

Step 4 – Be Open to Opportunities

Opportunities are lucky and they come around all the time.  Often, it is just a matter of saying YES!! (See Yes Man review)

Step 5 – Create Your Own Opportunity For Luck

You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. If you want more luck in your life, you need to put yourself into more situations where it’s possible to meet good fortune. If you want to get an interesting date with someone, you need to go to places where these kind of people hang out.  If you want a new cool job, you need to apply.  Sure you might get some knock backs, but the experience will help, and the fact that you turn up will help enormously.  80% of success is just showing up.

Step 6 – Try The Law of Karma

The Law of Karma states that what goes around, comes around. What you sow is what you reap.

Whether you believe in this or not, it’s still good to apply the following advice to your life:  Do good into others and they will do good unto you.  Do not put out negativity, violence, hurt and destruction into the world. The chances are high that this will come back to you at some point, and that greatly reduces your chance for good fortune.

Do your best to leave people and places better off than you found them. Try to make a difference in the world. It might mean that you have to be the bigger man (or woman) in a situation and bite your tongue, or put in extra effort, but if it means that you leave someone else better off, then it might be a good move on your part. Imagine how much better a place the world would be if everyone followed this principle.

Step 7 – Try the Law of Attraction

The Law of attraction (LoA) states that “Like Attracts Like”.  Basically if you feel lucky then you will be lucky.  Try simply asking for what you want then practice feeling how you would if you 100% know it is on it’s way.  Then go about your business with this lucky feeling and when it arrives, remember to feel grateful for your good luck.  With your feelings, your body is literally a lucky charm (kind of like an antenna)

Remember, most lucky people believe that they are lucky and think that they are lucky. Whether they are indeed lucky through some divine law a charm or simply your body and mind is debatable, but the fact that they believe they are lucky people certainly seems to play a big part in it.

If you want to read more about luck, lucky charms and some really practical advice, check out How to get good luck.

  • Eugene Hennie

    Great post. I tend to think of luck as more of practice meeting opportunity. The more shots you take the more you will score unless you suck. How has luck been able to help your site?

  • Dan_ZenPresence

    I agree wholeheartedly. I’ve found my luck has improved dramatically as I’ve learned to examine and question some of my beliefs. Question traditional wisdom, see if it fits your situation or better yet, start from scratch and learn for yourself.

    Dan @ ZenPresence