People are weird!

People are weird.
They make no sense.

I live in a university town…meaning there are thousands and thousands of students living here.
I’ve lived here pretty much all my life, but since I never went to uni here, I only mingle with them on few occasions. Last night I was not up for a drive to my usual going out places, so I decided to go out in my town.

It’s the beginning of the year, and slowly all the students are coming back from their vacations…and of course, the first years…new recruits. Now most of the students come from the middle of the country, and have lived pretty conservative lives, but now that they are on their own and have this new freedom, they go wild, party, get wasted and have lots of sex.

I went to a pub called Tollies, which is pretty much jock central. Big farmers, rugby players and huge guys, who like to get totally drunk and there are always those few looking to start a fight.
Most of the people out are the new first years, meaning they are all around 17,18 and 19 years old.It’s funny to see that I was like that a few years ago, but how much difference 4 years really makes. All the guys seem so immature and try hard to impress others. The girls try just as hard, dressing up, close to slutty, getting drunk and trying to impress the boys. But this is exactly what messes people up emotionally. Seeing these young girls get so drunk, and then pouring their hearts out that they are looking for love.

How in the world do they expect to find someone if they are totally drunk, and secondly in a club full of people just looking to hook up for the night. So what happens, is that they will usually hook up with some random person, have fun, sleep together, and then realise it was a big mistake. Of course there’s the lucky chance of finding the perfect person for you, but that chance is minimal. This process of hooking up with someone and then realising it was a mistake continues for a long time. And everytime this happens, people become more and more closed off to opening up to people. It becomes harder to trust someone, and you start wondering if it’s even possible to find someone out there who can be crazy about you for who you are, with no drama or hidden intentions.

Why do people try so hard to impress others?
I used to be like that, I used to care what people thought.
Not that I don’t now, but I find it pretty unimportant what people who I don’t know think about me.

The more I see what people do and are capable of, the more I think we are just a bunch of better than monkeys or flamingos. The things people do to each other…the hate between races and cultures… Look at the fight about Gaza, and terrorists doing their thing. Fights over religion.
People killing each other over minor differences.
As soon as it comes down to it, it’s ever man (and woman) for himself, and people will do anything.
I guess we can’t be blamed because it’s survival instinct, it just proves that we aren’t really as civilized as we portray ourselves to be.

I like to think about this kind of stuff, and analyze people, because if I ever get into a situation with other people were they are out to get me, or they are aggressive, there are certain ways to handle it. Every person is different, but most people will listen to things that appeal to their ego, or that go in the direction of their emotions that they are feeling. If someone is angry because they are hurt or feel lost (which is mostly the case), if you can adress the cause of their problem, their anger will often just evaporate.

There is a song by Sting : Probably me…
I like the lyrics, listen to them carefully

The point of the song is that the only person that you can really count on is yourself.
Even though there are some people in the world that will do anything for you, if you adopt the mindset that you rely on yourself, you will not be disappointed if someone lets you down, and will be pleasantly surprised if someone goes out of their way to do something for you:)

  • Daphne

    Hey Diggy, guess what? I studied in a university town too, and came to the same conclusion as you when other students got drunk and started puking right outside my window… every week! People are weird all right.

    I’m so impressed that you’re starting a blog at 21. When I was 21 I was clueless and thought email was a big deal. Way to go! You’ll do well judging by the quality of your blog.

  • Glen Allsopp

    Great post man, completely agree. BTW, I never told you this but Sting’s brother is actually my milk man haha, no lies.