Law of Vibration – Universal Laws Explained

The Law of Vibration can be summarized as Everything Vibrates at its Own Frequency.  Putting this to use is a key to using the universal laws effectively.  In the last post – What You Should Know About The Law of Attraction – you learned the truth about the Law of Attraction.

You learned that the Law of Attraction can really work to give you everything you desire, but that it’s considered such a big scam because it’s not explained properly by the mass media.

The Law of Attraction is in fact just one of the six basic laws of the universe. All these laws have to be used in combination if you wish to manifest or attract the things you desire. That’s why the Law of Attraction when used in isolation rarely yields any results.  The law of vibration is the next piece of the puzzle.

Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration

Everything existent within the universe vibrates. This is because everything within the universe consists energy.  Even matter is energy as Einstein explained with his insight that E=mc2 (Energy is equal to Mass * the Speed of light squared)  His formula shows that matter and energy are actually the same thing and you can convert between the two which is what nuclear reactors and trees (photosynthesis) do.  The law of vibration is where quantum physics and new-age thinking start to get buddy buddy.

For example:
Matter is mostly empty space with tiny wave-like particles (atoms and their sub-atomic building blocks) vibrating around each other.  Light is explained through the wave/particle theory and sound is just vibration through a medium (eg air) too.  Everything vibrates at different frequencies. This may sound a bit complicated and it may remind you of high school physics, but it’s essential that you understand that everything within the universe vibrates before you can start using the Law of Vibration.

Even something as solid as a rock is always vibrating at a certain frequency and we can see it through light vibrations or touch it or even perhaps smell it. This is because the rock consists of matter, and ultimately all matter consists of atoms.  The law of vibration states everything vibrates.  This includes what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste and the material our bodies are made of, right through to what we think and feel.

We as human beings are essentially vibration sensors since all our senses are just allowing us to experience vibrations of different frequencies with our physical bodies. Sticking to the example of light and sound, we can only perceive a small range of light and sound waves. We see colors but not infra-red or x-rays. We hear sounds, but not as high-pitched as a dog can hear.

Our limited capacity to detect frequencies applies to all vibrations within the universe, not just to light and sound. Just because you cannot see, hear or detect that something vibrates at a certain frequency does not mean that it’s not vibrating. You cannot see infra-red or x-rays, but you know they exist. And this applies to everything else that exists that you cannot detect with your physical body or senses.

There is so much more out there than you’re aware of, but you’ve been so conditioned to believe that something is only real if you can perceive it with your physical body and senses.

The Law of Attraction and The Law of Vibration

The Law of Attraction works through something called vibrational magnetism.

This essentially means that like attracts like. Frequencies attract similar frequencies because their waves match.

Are you getting excited yet? Can you see how the picture is coming together?

Well, basically all activity within your brain is measured in waves. When you experience different emotions and different moods, you have different brainwaves. And when you experience different moods and emotions, these brainwaves you create are sent out to the universe.

If you’re thinking that it’s impossible for your brain to work as some sort of emitter, remember the example from earlier how just because you cannot perceive something, that it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You are constantly emitting waves of different frequencies, and the types of waves you emit depends on the thoughts you think and the emotions attached to those thoughts as well as the obvious ones like the sounds you make and even how you smell.

Now if you combine that with the fact that frequencies attract similar frequencies, that’s essentially the Law of Attraction. What you think about is what you attract like a magnet or like gravity. But now you understand more about WHY this is the case.

This is why if you think negatively, you seem to attract negative people and bad situations. The frequencies you’re sending out are matched with similar frequencies in life and in the universe.

You are much more than your physical body that has pretty clear limits, but the universe has limits that are unknown. The universe has limits that are far greater than you can possibly imagine. And that is exactly why it’s possible to learn to attract and manifest almost anything you desire, but you have to know how to do this (through the Law of Attraction,the Law of Vibration and the other 4 laws of the universe.

Your Aura and The Law of Attraction

I’m sure you’ve heard the term aura before. You probably imagine it as some sort of invisible, glowing light that surrounds your physical body (at least, that’s how I always imagine it).

Once again, just because you cannot see something does not mean that it does not exist. You can think of your aura like your energy that surrounds you. The composition of your aura is for the main part determined by the thoughts you think and the emotions attached to those thoughts.

If you constantly have positive thoughts and emotions, your aura is strong and extends far beyond your physical body. This allows you to effectively use your aura as a shield to block negativity and thus have more success, happiness and love in your life. This is the explanation as to why positive people seem to always have everything going good in their lives. It’s not so much because of their positive thinking per se, but it’s because their positive thinking creates positive energy around them which attracts more positive energy and fends of bad energy.

And of course the opposite is also true. If you think negatively, your aura is thin and weak and is an open invitation for negativity to work its way into your life.

The key is to gain control over your thoughts and emotions so that you can emit the waves and frequencies that attract waves and frequencies of your desires into your life. Understanding the law of vibration and that thoughts are vibrations which attract what you think about (both positive and negative) is a critical step.  Start by practicing positive thinking and move on to specific desires.

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  • Rob Cubbon

    Great post and interesting series. I’m looking forward to the rest of it. I never really new about the Law of Vibration but, having read about it, it makes total sense.

  • Noch Noch

    first time i heard about this law. interesting concept. i can see how it comes together….

  • Prasadini Anuradha

    MInd blowing Mentor… really useful Articels… the waves of our brains!!! and the use of positive thinking and the effects of negative thinking!!!
    i do thankful to you for sharing this kind of valuable articles with us, and i am really happy because i am also a one of them….

  • Jonathan Haye

    Considering I’m an engineer, I’m not sure I agree with the “scientific” aspect of the article. But I definitely agree with the core meaning of the law of vibration and the effects it implies. Thanks for this article :)

    • Diggy

      Hey Jonathan,
      Yeah my scientific explanation may be a bit blunt but it’s more to illustrate the point than anything else.

      Glad to hear you still enjoyed the article! There are more coming :)