How to Turn a Hot Girl into your Girlfriend even if you are Dog Ugly

Recently my Teacher in a course I attended told me this story.

One day, my Teacher was talking to a former Student.  This Student had hit some major home runs in his life, but unfortunately the Student was uncommonly ugly.  Everyone has seen people who have been touched by the ugly stick, but the Student had been seriously beaten over the head with the ugly stick – crooked teeth, poor skin, unfortunate facial features – the lot.

While chatting, the Student points out his new fiance (the Hot Girl) to my Teacher.  My Teacher looks once, then looks back at the Student in mild confusion.  The Girl is the hottest girl in the room and model material.  The Student smiles, knowing what’s going through the Teacher’s mind – “Not possible”.  Actually, my Teacher was thinking it must be a hidden camera trick to see how he would react – the Student and the Girl were worlds apart in terms of looks.

“Shall I call her over?” asks the Student.

“Sure” says my Teacher, still wondering what’s going on.

“Honey, come over and explain how we met”  Called the Student to his Fiancee

After introductions, the Hot Girl told her story.

What the Girl Said …

“I was sitting in a coffee shop with two friends of mine, we had just finished a photo shoot together.  There were a few people around, and then this guy [the Student] comes over.  He had been sitting at a nearby table and he looked at me and said …

“Hi, I’m [Name].  You look like a nice person, I’d like to get to know you, can we have coffee together?”

“I was pretty surprised, and didn’t know quite what to say.  My friends had started to laugh, usually guys go away pretty quickly, but then he [Student] says …”

“This is the moment when we see if you’re the person I think you are.  If you can see past my looks.  How about coffee tomorrow?”

“I agreed and the rest is history.”

. . . 0 0 0 The End o o o  . . .

Wow – So the Student had confidence in himself and knew 100% that he was a great Guy no matter what he looked like and no matter what answer the Hot Girl gave.  He was right up front with his perceived image/weakness, and challenged her to look past it.

If you are Awesome on the inside, take action and let people know.

Awesome people deserve Awesome lives,



  • Nia Business

    Yea. Confidence helps keep alive, and when the two are together, mountains can be moved.