5 Ways How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

DO you want to know how to make someone fall in love with you? This post doesn’t contain some magical secret about love that’s been kept hidden from the world for centuries, BUT there are some very useful tips that you can start using today to greatly increase your chances of someone falling in love with you.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m sure some of us who will be alone this year dread it, or try to ignore it, or even mock the whole saga of lovey-dovey candlelit dinners as childish in order to mask their frustrations at not having a Valentine to spend the day with. However, perhaps the law of attraction might help you find just the one for you.

I must confess I had not really known much about this idea of manifestation and the Law of Attraction, even though I’ve come across it many times in the past. The first time was perhaps some five years ago when a friend suggested I read the book, “The Secret.” I didn’t pay much attention and went on my way.

how to make someone fall in love with you

NOTE: This is a guest post by Enoch Li

How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

However, perhaps by chance, or perhaps by the force of the universe and the powers of manifestation – that one would draw the positive things to oneself if one focuses on them with a positive mindset – after doing some research I noticed that a few other articles in print or on blog seem to touch on this subject too. Some were supportive of the law of attraction; others tried to find loopholes in the theory.

So, it got me thinking if it was possible to use the Law of Attraction to find an answer to the question of how to get someone to fall in love with you.

Regardless of how we interpret this and whether you agree with it or not, hear me out on how I think it would help you find the one you love, and love you back.

Right now I’m on a weekend getaway trip to Harbin, northern China, with my fiancé, for Valentine’s Day. I had been busy trying to recover from depression and improving my physical health, while he has been occupied with work and career. We had not had much quality time together, so we decided to use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get away from our routine in life and just focus on one another. As I was waiting for the flight at the airport, I messaged a girlfriend of mine and told her where I was going. Her response slightly surprised me.

“I HATE Valentine’s Day!” She exclaimed.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because, I’ve never had anyone to spend Valentine’s day with!”

It got me thinking. She was young, pretty, had a career, had a goal, had a dream and exuded a self-confidence that radiated. Then why was she alone and had no one who would dedicate and commit himself to her?

Combining what I’ve been learning about manifestation and extending my positive energy and thoughts into the universe because it would come back to me in great things, and the outlook on life my girlfriend has, I have the following postulation.

My friend did not have someone to love her, because (1) she did not love anyone fully, and (2) she emanated too much negative energy and so what came to her, was also hurtful. In other words, she flipped the law of attraction and manifested the negative, and therefore, reaped the negative.

Despite her outward success, she was a fearful person. She feared loss, feared pain, and feared hurt. As a result, she hardly ever gave herself fully. Every guy she dated, she was calculating in her head, whether he had enough money, was chivalrous, had power, and what advantage he could bring her. She complained about all of them, and how they were trying to use her. It became a vicious cycle: the more she dated and was hurt, the less she would give.

Unfortunately, we all get hurt in love, but like other things in life, we have to keep trying and experimenting, to find out what kind of person we are suited with, and would bring out the best in both ourselves, and the ones we love. However, if we don’t start wholeheartedly, and give it our all, we would never find out.

Similarly, my girlfriend always wanted to take first, or see what the other had to offer, so her intentions of going into a relationship was already guarded. To exacerbate matters, by already being suspicious of those she dated, she projected negativity instead of sincerity; therefore it was a self-fulfilling prophecy that the ones she attracted would also not be in the relationship for the long haul.

5 Things You Can Do – How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

As I sipped my cappuccino this morning with my fiancée next to me, his hand wrapped around me lovingly, I dare to draw some conclusions based on the law of attraction. If you are lamenting that you have no one to spend Valentine’s Day with this year, try the following and see if next year would be better:

1. Be confident with who you are

Don’t worry about what other people think about you, or what you have to do to make others like you. Be comfortable in your own skin and trust that someone will love you for who you are. Self-confidence radiates from within and attracts like-minded people.

2. Focus on improving yourself

If there are habits you would like to change, focus on them and improving yourself for yourself, and not for anybody else. You need to love yourself first.

3.Manifest the positive

Challenge your negative thoughts. When you think “no one will ever love me,” ask yourself if there is any evidence to support the fact that with the billions of people in this world this is possible? Instead, try to think, “I will find the one.” Same situation, different mindset, could bring different results. The limiting belief limits our ability.

4. Give unconditionally

Give your all to others. Give without expecting return. Give your time and effort. You will see that your generosity will touch others and slowly, it would build karma in your bank of goodwill. Others will also give to you in situations you least expect.

5. Love, without fear of getting hurt

To have someone love you for who you are, you first need to do the same. When you are willing to open up to others, others will mostly reciprocate. If they don’t, then you have learned your lesson. Yet do not indulge in the hurt. Move on and find that person who will not hurt you. Do not fear.

When you know who you are, when you are giving, when you are happy with yourself, the radiance from inside is hard to hide. This will attract other positive and happy people to your side. Although it’s no fail-proof strategy, it’s the best way I can give you how to make someone fall in love with you.

Is there any harm in at least trying to understand the law of attraction? I am not one to say whether it is the panacea to all challenges we face, but what can be bad with thinking positive and letting the best of you come out to shine?

Try it, perhaps the law of attraction, will in its literal sense, attract a person who will love you back.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Raised in Hong Kong and Australia, Noch Noch was a young, overachieving executive for an international corporation, working and living in the world’s most premier cities. After seven years of living the life she dreamt of, or so she thought, she suffered a serious episode of stress-related depression that turned her life upside down. As she battles with depression, Noch Noch is on a quest to be the wake up call for others in similar plights. She strives to be true to herself, jotting down her reflections on living with depression and self-awareness at “Be Me. Be Natural.” (http://nochnoch.com).


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    All these tips are also fine but I tell you it is really difficult to judge which of these or some other characteristic of your loved one can attract you?

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    Make people fall in love “With your Ideas” :)