High reward – high risk…I choose internet marketing.

I spent a lot of time reading financial articles and watching financial news, and the last few weeks have been incredible.

We are in the same situation of the great crash of 1987, millions of people have lost and are still losing a fortune, some have lost their life savings. Personal friends of my family have lost 50% of their net worth this year.

How is all this possible???…

Even the best fund managers, who make hundreds of millions for years in a row, lost it all and more in one year. An example of this was Bear Stearns, a US investment bank, who had been in existance for 125 years, and their stock price was up to $170 in the beginning of 2008! A few months ago, it collapsed due to the fact that it over-leveraged and its shares were worth around $1 or so!

It’s like with everything in this world, the longer something goes right, the more likely it is to go wrong.
Especially with high risk professions. Professional fighting or wrestling or boxing, you may go for years and win 90% of your fights…one day you will get knocked out if you don’t quit while you are ahead. Trading and stocks, it’s exactly the same, its a matter of time until you get that one large loss, if you are lucky it may be half your gains, maybe even all your trading gains, if you are not so lucky it could be everything you own!

Sure some people get lucky, the CEO of Lehman Brothers, a huge bank in the US, made over $400 million the last couple of years in salary and bonus compensation, and Lehman Brothers is now bankrupt, all the investors who had their money in it have lost their money, and the CEO gets to keep what he has made.:) Lucky guy.

So the question is…are high-risk, high-reward jobs and professions worth it?

I don’t know about you, but generaly I’m not a lucky guy when it comes to winning things and doing things at the right moment. That’s why I’ve decided to go down the internet marketing route.
The capital risk is minimal, you can start off with $100 (which is a lot, some people started with nothing) which can get you 2 domains and decent web hosting. The gains from internet marketing are unlimited, there are people making $1000 a day, every day of the year, and some much more than that.

What it requires for you to be successful in internet marketing is a passion, you have to decide that you love it, and that you want to put in as much time as it takes, be it 1,2 or 5 years, and be willing to learn and read everything you get you hands on about internet marketing.

Now I don’t know a lot about about internet marketing yet.
I started in July 2008, and I have learnt a lot since then. I have been reading forums, other pages from people who have become successful at internet marketing, blogs, and I have a friend who has been doing this for over two years and he helps me out a lot:) (his blog is PluginID).

I’m compiling a journal of my progress, the mistakes I have made, the things I have learnt and what is best to do to achieve success and in a few months time will make a decent e-book about it so I can help others who are yet to begin the journey:)

Initially I was skeptical about ever being able to make money online, I have made my first $125 in the last month so at least that has paid my expenses for the whole year already. I have noticed some great success with certain posts and topics, and others just don’t even get enough visitors to make it worth writing. For instance, I made a page on Unique tattoo designs on a free site called Squidoo and it ranks high in google and gets about 3500 visits a week.

I wrote a post last week called This is what it’s like being a hot girl and it brought me 19000 visits in a few days! I couldn’t believe that I could get that many views for a single one of my posts:).

So this is my little update on my success so far, and if you are on the same journey, and want some more help on where to start out, here are two excellent resources:

Totally free newsletter on how to make money from nothing but a computer and internet access:

A complete online learning university with everything you need to know about internet marketing:

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    Hey Diggy, Great post, and I’m with you I really think that the internet will be safe for awhile. “knock on wood” Like you said the initial amount that we have to invest is minimal…