12 Great Books That Everybody Should Read At Least Once

great books to read

Great books shift how you look at life and how you feel from when you pick them up to years after reading. The best books to read leave you tired but inspired – thirsty for more.

The first library I stepped into when I was a mere 6 years old had a large slogan above the door:

“Read to Succeed”

There are so many amazing books out there with so much great knowledge and wisdom, that you’re cutting yourself short if you do not read at least one new book every month. Finding great books can be a bit of effort, so here is my list of books that everyone should read- Really the best books I have read in my life.

Many are related to self improvement and personal development books, but since you are reading this article on Upgrade Reality (a blog about self improvement), these topics should be very welcome for you.

The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

The AlchemistThe Alchemist is among the best books I have ever read, so has to be top of my book list! I’ve also lots of people who have it as one of the best books they have ever read! It has sold millions of copies and is translated into many different languages.

It is not a book that preaches or commands. Instead, it is a wonderful story about a boy who goes through an incredible journey to seek a gigantic treasure and following where his heart leads him, only to find that the treasure was right in front of him all along. The story is so beautifully and cleverly written and contains many truths and wisdom about life!

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Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell is a classic and with good reason. The imagery in this book is vivid and powerful.  It works on your gut and mind to hammer in a new understanding about yourself and society.
It will thump questions into your mind like ‘What am I capable of?’, ‘What do I fear?’ and ‘What would I pursue even if it may mean death?’  It will also take you through gut emotions like despair, helplessness and hope as few books can.

If you want a powerful book to read, this one puts the boot in.

Buy the dual edition of 1984 and Animal Farm here (Hardcover or Kindle)

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

A solid understanding how the world of money and investing works is essential these days.
Rich Dad, Poor Dad is the first of a very clear and informative series of books and should really be taught in schools.  It is one of the best books to read for a base financial education which everyone should have.

As well as the foundations of money, Robert T Kiyosaki explains the way society and governments push you to compromise your life and he shows you that through following a disciplined approach, you can dramatically improve your finances, your happiness and your whole life.
Today, Robert has built up an empire giving financial and investment advice, and he got there because of the way he so clearly expresses his ideas both in the text and graphics.  He is also quoted all over the world by Personal Development and motivational speakers

Buy Rich Dad Poor Dad from Amazon here

Linchpin – Seth Godin

LinchpinLinchpin is the first Seth Godin book that I have read and I absolutely loved it. In fact, it was the catalyst for me to buy more of Seth’s books like Tribes and Purple Cow.

I have mentioned ‘Linchpin’ before in my post, ‘Don’t Sabotage Your Own Dreams’. It is a book that reveals the truth about working for a boss, fitting in and following the rules. The only way to create a good life for yourself is to become indispensable, become an artist. Stand out and don’t fit in. Linchpin is really worth reading!

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Tribes – Seth Godin

Tribes Tribes is another fantastic book by Seth Godin. I’m sure you have already read my recent post about it, but in case you haven’t, let me give you a super-quick review.

Tribes is a book about becoming a leader and building your own tribe of loyal followers. It explains how anyone can build up huge and powerful tribes with the use of the internet, which has opened a new world of possibilities for just a single person to reach millions. A very useful book in my opinion!

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Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

Humor is the highest form or intelligence and this book is one which I read years ago, and still think back on how mind-boggling funny/crazy/twisted it is. It is a true masterpiece which will have you laughing and crying as well as shaking your head in disbelief. Worth reading just to expand your mind let alone lift your mood.

This is a great and very funny book by any measure.

Get the Catch-22: 50th Anniversary Edition here.

Psycho Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz

Psycho Cybernetics Psycho Cybernetics reveals so many fascinating secrets and principles about the human psyche, about fear and about why some people are always positive and successful and why others are not.

Written by a plastic surgeon with 20 years of experience who observed the effects of plastic surgery on his patients,this book will really give you something to think about if not change your life.

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The 4 Hour Work Week – Timothy Ferriss

4 hour work week The 4 hour work week is a book about designing your lifestyle and business to automate things as much as possible while actually increasing your income.

It is written by Timothy Ferris who was able to create a business online that eventually made him $80 0000 a month with as little as a few hours of work due to all his automation and streamlining. The advice and principles he reveals are priceless and they are easy to understand and apply to your own life right away. Definitely worth reading!

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Update: I saw Tim recently in a seminar.  He has a new cookbook out now (more like a personal development book than a cook book) - The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life

The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle

power of now The Power of Now is another one of those books that causes a complete mind-shift. Most people (myself included) spend most of their time either reminiscing about the past or worrying or dreaming about the future, while letting the present moment pass them by.

The only time that we actually live in, make decisions in and can feel emotions in is right now, the present moment. Those moments where you feel totally alive, those are all in the present moment.

The secrets and principles of this book can actually cause you to enjoy your life a whole lot more.

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Fooled By Randomness – Nassim Taleb

fooled by randomness Fooled by Randomness is a very intriguing book. For me at least it was, because I enjoy mathematical theories and statistics about life.

Is success directly related to skill and hard work or is there something more to it?  Why do some people succeed beyond belief and others never get anywhere? These are among the topics that this book addresses and while it may not necessarily teach you anything, it will definitely cause you to do some thinking.

I found it very enjoyable.  [UPDATE]: The Black Swan” is really good too about rare events with massive impact.

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The Way Of The Superior Man – David Deida

superior man The Way of The Superior Man is the best book I have read relating to confidence, inner-strength and having trust in myself. While it is aimed at men, it contains many principles that women would benefit from and enjoy reading.

This book addresses many issues about relationships, your life purpose and how to be a man filled with integrity and passion. A must read book for 95% of the male population who struggle with women and with confidence or lack of purpose.

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The Art Of War – Sun Tzu

art of war Sun Tzu was an ancient Chinese military general with a strong relationship to Taoism. He was always very successful at battle and had a huge influence over Chinese history and culture.

He was believed to be responsible to authoring the book The Art of War, which contain many of his strategies and ways of thinking. Not only this, but how they can apply to your own life or business, specifically to business and marketing.

A very very interesting book to read!

Buy Now on Amazon

The Book of Awesome – Neil Pasricha

awesome Neil Paricha is the author of a website called 1000awesomethings.com. His site became so big and popular that he decided to write a full-size hard-cover book called ‘The Book of Awesome’.

We Love Awesome people and things at UR! (See post on the Awesome word Awesome)

It’s a nice book with short 1-3 page chapters, each chapter being about something awesome in life. It will really make you laugh a lot and brighten your day!

Buy Now on Amazon

Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Influence by Robert Cialdini is the best book I’ve read related to marketing and psychology. It explains in detail all the subconscious triggers we as humans have, and how marketers have been exploiting those built-in triggers for decades.

Things like the huge power of social proof can make us act where we normally wouldn’t, presenting us with a request then having you reject it and appear to compromise with a smaller request which you then feel obliged to accept. Very interesting and a must-read.

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A few more I just couldn’t help including:

The Little Prince - Short but wonderful reading at any age.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Reading it for pleasure is not the same as at school.
A Fortunate Life - Such down to earth honesty and acceptance of life.
Anne of Green Gables - Another true classic. Freedom and high spirited growth.
The Source: A Novel - Everyone should read a Mitchener at some time.

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–>  UpgradeReality’s Good Book List - Books to read with a purpose

–>  Check out the comments below for other great books to read as recommended by UR readers, or let me know what awesome books you have read recently.

Thanks! – UR Awesome

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  • http://milano.bbakeca.com/ BBakeca

    Great list!

  • http://dbakeca.com Dbakeca Italia

    very true…they are great books

  • http://www.facebook.com/LorienGL Dario Durà Armadans

    Forgot a GREAT book in the list (maybe you have not read it): Siddhartha!

  • wesleymccants

    Check out an ebook at amazon.com in the Kindle Bookstore called the Lemon Man by Ron Wells 2012. It cost $2.99. It will scare the socks off your feet if you’re tired of the same old zombie crap….

  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Yes, the alchemist is great. The Pilgrimage (Plus) is also fantastic, you really feel like you are on a Journey when you read it and do the exercises. I’v read most of Paulo Coelho’s books, they all have insights and spark ideas. EG I really like the idea of allowing your guardian angel a few minutes to allow for coincidences which comes from The Valkyries. It is slightly more raw than his others in this early set, probably why it doesn’t get talked about as much.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XNCVUCVMIZNHBEDCOY3AR45QUM Prisqua

    I recommend this book by E L James; Fifty Shades Of Grey. Here are some of my opinions on the book everyone has an opinion about.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XNCVUCVMIZNHBEDCOY3AR45QUM Prisqua

    I recommend this book by E L James; Fifty Shades Of Grey. Here are some of my opinions on the book everyone has an opinion about.

  • forceandright

    I was skeptical when I saw the cover pics at the top. I read the review of the Alchemist to the point that a Will Smith recommendation was publicly acknowledged. It’s nice when the inference of skepticism is so quickly confirmed. Find better sources for recommendations.

    • http://www.facebook.com/LorienGL Dario Durà Armadans

      Not everybody wants the same of a book, you will probably read only Shakespeare… But i will tell you to give The Alchemist a try, its a short book you can read in an afternoon and many ppl is been inspired by it in many different ways. It’s not literature, is just a different kind of journey.

  • http://twitter.com/imnirbhaymishra nirbhay mishra

    really nice post . . .to help people choose good books , It have 3 books which i have read
    1- how to win friend
    2- Alchemist
    3- 4 hour work week. .

    I will be reading shyness and social anxiety. . . .

    Adding “monk who sold his ferrari” to list will also be a nice idea.

  • Silver Prezewalski

    Hey, this is a good list!! Have added them to my to-be-read list!! I would highly recommend “Life Without Limits” by Nick Vujicic – it is such a fantastic book, every page is inspiring!!:)

    • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

      Thanks for the rec!

  • Richa

    The Alchemist is awsome!

    • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

      I totally agree!

  • Wow

    If anyone stumbles upon this comment, I feel honored to share this book; The 7 habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R.Covey…If there is only 1 book you can ever read in your life, this has to be it!

    • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

      Thanks for sharing!

  • http://twitter.com/thewritershelp Jackie Paulson

    Great blog and posts on books I have to read yet. I love to read and have Mitch Albom’s books but need to read them still. I am so glad you stopped by my blog.

  • Lindsay

    fantastic, part of my husband and my owns new years resolution was to read 12 non fiction books this year, great suggestions thanks!

  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Thanks for the recommendation of the book :)

  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Hi Ali,
    Awesome. Let me know what you think about it and if it makes a difference for you:)

  • http://twitter.com/thewritershelp Jackie Paulson

    This is a great list of books everyone should read. I have a reading blog at http://getreadingnow.wordpress.com and I have to link to you because this is such a great list for 2011..and with 2012 coming my list will change again.

  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Thanks Michelle, I appreciate it!

  • Surya

    great list yar!!!! good job…

  • Jade. :]

    I also read Tuesdays with Morrie and it’s really inspiring it talks about the true meaning of life! Try to read Five People you Meet in Heaven, Its also a great book. Mitch Albom is such a great writer. :)

  • Nadia

    Hi Cliff..The Alchamist is a must read… I read it twice years ago, and each time it spoke to me in a different way depending on what point in my life I was. It was amazing.
    Tuesdays with Morrie was a conversation starter between myself and who later became one of my closest friends ever. I can safely say, it has changed my life….the story is too long, but trust me, it has :)

  • Anonymous

    I love a good challenge, so I’m tackling ‘great books’ in 2012. Gearing up for a 12-month-long bookfest – I’ve read many of these, but others are now on my official list. Has anyone read Gravity’s Rainbow by Pynchon? It keeps turning up on lists I see of the <a href="http://www.ranker.com/list/5-hardest-books-to-read-_that-are-totally-worth-it_/tyvick"hardest books to read. Am I setting myself up for disaster here?

  • Rohitkoolwal27

    best tell me best book to groom my personlity & body langauge.. thanks in advance.

  • Ravi Solanki

    “The shyness & social anxiety system”,i like name of the book.so i read it very soon.

  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Thanks for the suggestion!

  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Hey Clarissa,
    Thanks for the addition, I haven’t heard of that one yet but ‘ll check it out next time I go book shopping.

  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Hey Clarissa,
    Thanks for the addition, I haven’t heard of that one yet but ‘ll check it out next time I go book shopping.

  • http://www.hobbyshobbys.com Jalal Hameed Bhatti

    Good listing – I have read at least two (AlChemist and Art of War)

    • Anonymous

      Awesome! Now get Psycho-Cybernetics, it’s really good! :)

  • Shal

    Great ! intresting books, will pick up some soon

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Thanks Shal!

  • john

    highly recommend a book called “screw work lets play” it changed my life in terms of my career.

    the key underlying message to most of these books i think, is the ability to break free of the shackles of fear within our society, and find happiness expressing yourself, unashamedly.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey John,
      Cool, never heard of it. I’ll look for it next time I’m in the bookstore.

  • john

    feel the fear and do it anyway- Susan Jeffers 7/10

    Way of the superior man – david deida 8/10

    the 50th law – 50cent 8/10

    how you can talk to anyone – emma sargent 6/10

    modeone – talk to women the way you want – alan roger currie 8/10

    mystery method – 5/10

    instant confidence – paul mckenna 5/10

    power of now – eckart tolle – 9/10

    influence – the power of pyschology – robert cialdini 7/10

    • Diggy

      There’s a few new ones here, awesome! Thanks for mentioning that John!

  • http://www.chronicblogger.com Priscilla

    Thanks for sharing this list! It reminded me that “The New Psycho Cybernetics” is stashed in my cupboard somewhere and I still haven’t read it. I bought it years ago because I read that it helped the guy who updated the new version to overcome his stuttering, and I was hoping it would help me too. Unfortunately a lot of stuff happened and I forgot about it, but now reading it is back on my to-do list! :)

    • Diggy

      You’re welcome Priscilla!
      Hope I pointed you in the direction of some new awesome books!

  • http://www.lovehappyliving.com Hagit

    Thank you for the list, I love books, and I especially love to read books that other people recommend.
    Thank you

    • Diggy

      You’re welcome, I hope I pointed you in the direction of some new cool books :)

  • http://www.personal-development-is-fun.com/list-of-must-read-books.html Meghashyam Chirravoori

    I have read The Power of Now, The Alchemist and Psycho Cybernetics and The 4 Hour Week are on my to-read list. :) So I am quite glad to have found this ‘goldmine’ book list because I have this feeling that having 4 of the books I am interesting in here, it will also have a lot of gems I haven’t read. After reading the list I feel inspired to read “Cloud Living” more than the others…

    Some other books that I have really loved in the past are:

    1) Ask and It is Given – Esther and Jerry Hicks (Almost everything anyone needs to know about the Law of Attraction)

    2) It’s Not About the Bike – Lance Armstrong (A fascinating story of the triumph of the human soul over everything transitory)

    3) The Autobiography of a Yogi – Paramahamsa Yogananda (The bare, startling story of an Indian Sage and how his life unfolded)

    4) The Little Prince – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (There is a little boy inside all of us who wants to do only what he feels like and not listen to social conditioning. This is the story of that little boy).

    Thank you for sharing the list anyway. :)

    • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

      I like your comment on the The Little Prince which is a lovely story and really great fir reading to kids to exercise both your and their imagination at the same time. It also reminded me of a great quote on boyhood – “The cup men sip from all their lives”

  • Ryan

    The Alchemist and The Art of War are two of my favorites along with Catcher in the Rye and Falconer. I recently read The Game by Neil Strauss and really liked it. I’m in the middle of both The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Tribes. The 50th Law is kicking Tribes ass! The 50th Law is a must read for sure!

    • Diggy

      Hey Ryan, Thanks for your suggestion man, I’d love to read a book by 50 Cent!

      Yeah I read The Game back in 2006 and it was the inspiration for me to start on a whole journey of self improvement. It actually led to me starting this blog:)

  • Joe

    Thanks for the list dude. just finished reading the Linchpin. Good stuff. Started on the Fooled by Randomness, but gave up on it. just didn’t enjoy it. Am reading the Alchemist now…wish me luck…

  • http://supauheero.wordpress.com PAUlina

    Hi Diggy :)

    Thank you for the list. I’m actually a fan of novels about family and relationships like Picoult’s, Sparks’, and Sebold’s. But I think it’s time for me to broaden my interest like picking books that reveal the principles on how you could turn your life around. I read the alchemist and I would grab a copy of linchpin on Tuesday next week.

    Thank you for again for your recommendations Diggy. :)God bless

    • Diggy

      Hey Paulina!

      You’re welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed the list, these are my favorite books!
      Once you get in to the self help books you get hooked and you just want to learn and read more and more. It’s amazing when you discover that you have the option to choose how you want to live your life, and how to take control over the things that are bothering you!

      Have a fantastic day!

  • Diviak

    Thanks Diggy for the list, have read “The Alchemist” and devoured it to last bit…Hey check out “The Book of Business Wisdom” compiled by Peter Krass; the book has great inspirational articles like short stories and would bind the reader.

    Which would be the best in the list after Alchmeist?

    • Diggy

      Hey Diviak,

      Happy to hear you like The Alchemist, It’s one of my favorites too!
      I’d suggest getting The Power of Now or Psycho Cybernetics, those are two really cool books!

      Happy holidays and thanks for stopping by!!

  • Chalista

    hey Diggy and all..

    Its awesome to see all of your list
    I must read more book now
    One of my favourite is dont sweat a small stuff everything is a small stuff..anyone have read that?

    • Diggy

      Hey Chalista!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I’ve heard of it but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I’ll add it to my ‘to-read’ list :)

  • Amit

    Hey Diggy.
    Awesome list and nice add ons by friends.
    All above mentioned books would leave a positive impact on the person reading those books.
    Guys life is great. Live it princesize.
    God bless us all.

  • http://www.google.com Rinki

    Hello Everyone Diggy you also friend ;) truly say I have nvr read any of book in the list you recommand or others friends too. will try to get one of them..

    • Diggy

      Hey Rinki,
      Yeah man, these are truly awesome books. Order them on Amazon.com or try to find a friend who you can borrow it from.

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  • Chris


    I would also recommend the Tao Te Ching to your list.

    • Diggy

      Hey Cris,
      I’ve never read that but I’ll get it next time I go book-shopping:)

  • http://thedropoutkid.com jonathanfigaro

    Amazing recommendations. Will look into it. another great book is Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields.

  • Ethan

    hi Diggy,

    nice post..
    frankly speaking hv read The Alchemist and How to win friends and influence people
    and it has really helped me in coming up in my life..

    Now wanted to knw which books will really help me in my career so that i can set my goals.. At present iam in to computer sale and technical support.

    Thanks in advance

  • Doug

    Great lists and follow-up additions. Here are two more: Deliverying Happiness/Tony Hsieh & Behind the Cloud/Benioff.
    This website is now on my favorites.

    • Diggy

      Hey Doug!
      Wow, thanks! I really appreciate that!

      I will strive to keep Upgrade Reality awesome!: )

  • http://www.totalbullysolution.com Adam Blum

    Tony Robbins didn’t make the list? As far as self-improvement goes, I’d consider him the guru’s guru.

    • CottonSaris

      No. Actually it’s Napoleon Hill with “The Law of Success” who’s the GURU of all gurus. Tony Robbins took Hll’s books apart and made them into separate chapters and made gazillions with them. Napoleon Hill’s the Man!

  • Inner Eilde

    Thank you for your recommendations! Allow me to add a few of my favs as well:

    - Real Magic, by Wayne Dyer. By far his best book, really inspiring, with a great collection of beautiful thoughts of other writers/philosophers.
    - Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman.
    - A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle. I loved it more than The Power of Now.
    - The Power is Within You, by Louise Hay.

    Greetings to all!

  • http://dibblyfresh1.blogspot.com/ Sadako

    Those all look like great reads–esp the Alchemist. Have heard great things about that author in particular.

    • Diggy

      Hey Sadako!

      Thanks! Yeah The Alchemist is a totally awesome book! I love it to bits!

  • http://www.adaptyourself.net Iván Pérez

    Hey Diggy, how’s it going? Long time without coming over the blog, I’ve been a bit busy.

    I like your list, it seems that we are very like-minded because I’ve already read 5 of those books and 2 more are in my to read list.

    I would also add fiction books like Don Quixote, Old Man And The Sea or Bukowski’s Women (I know, this one is not really fiction).

    P.S. I’m back into blogging, so you’ll be hearing about me. I’m subscribing :)

  • Sally Neill

    Great list thanks for sharing it, have read a few of them but not all, Sally :)

  • http://the-dame.com The Dame

    Thanks for this list, Im definitely going to get Psycho-Cybernetics and Fooled by Randomness :)

    • Diggy


      You are totally welcome. I’m pretty sure you will really enjoy both those books! :)

  • http://www.ameaningfulexistence.com Karen

    Hi Diggy,

    I thought it was funny that the books that I have read are all on the bottom of your image. I haven’t even heard of the top half so I’m intriged. I’m an avid reader so I thought I would have come across those books, but I haven’t. They’re getting added to my wishlist and I’ll check them out.

    A couple of other books to add:

    The Power of Focus
    The Success Principles

    Both are fantastic reads with practical information.


    • Diggy

      Hey Karen!

      I’m happy to hear that I could give you a few suggestions for awesome books you have not read yet!

      Thanks for your own suggestions, I haven’t heard of them yet so will add them to my list :)

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  • http://www.theviablealternative.com Ike Love – The Viable Alternative

    I have to definitely agree with you that “The Power of Now” and “The Way of the Superior Man” are MUST READS. The two books changed my life in more ways than I could begin to describe here. They were both responsible for tremendous shifts I’ve experienced.

  • http://SourcesOfInsight.com J.D. Meier

    Ah, a fellow Seth fan.

    The Way of the Superior Man sounds like fun. I never heard of it, but it sounds intriguing.

  • http://www.personal-development-planet.com Carl Harvey


    Great list – particularly Psycho Cybernetics, the first personal development book I read and still amongst the most impactful.

    Old Maltz really smashed it with that one. The idea of “self image” was a paradigm-changer for me.

    Power of Now massively transformative; Alchemist hugely inspirational; 4HWW changed my working habits and mindset…

    All in all, great choices. Haven’t read any Godin yet (somehow), you’ve reminded me to prioritise that.

    PS – Just read “Mastery” by George Leonard. Beautiful in its simplicity – highly recommended, you’d like it I reckon.

  • http://www.positivewayoflife.com Josten

    I will definitely have to get some of books off this list. One of the main ones is the alchemist. Ever since watching the will wisdom video its been stuck in my head. Also the art of war is amazing from the little bits that i have read. But i definitely need to get it.
    Great post.

  • Su

    Thanks for the great selection! I am definitely adding these books to my summer reading list.

    • Diggy

      Hey Su!

      You are welcome, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

  • http://loneplacebo.com Tony

    What a great list of books to read. Only read Fooled By Randomness so far.
    .-= Tony´s last blog ..10 WordPress Tips to Take You to the Next Level =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Tony!

      They are indeed great books! I hope that next time you are in a bookstore that you will remember this post and pick up a book or two from the list!

  • http://www.hazloporti.net J Casinos

    I have enjoyed some of the books in your list and in the comments, but I could not put down Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, Anthem and, above all, Atlas Shrugged.

    March last year I devoured them back to back. My first fiction in almost 15 years. If you have entrepreneur DNA and sense of entrecommunity, Atlas Shrugged will make you laugh, cry and mad.

    • Diggy

      Hey J!

      Thanks for the suggestions, I have not heard of those books yet. Going to add them to my ‘list’.


  • http://www.Escapingthe9to5.com Maren kate

    Awesome list! i am so psyched to pick of some of these especially the art of war – one i’ve heard for years is amazing – look out Amazon.com here i come!

    • Diggy

      Hey Maren! :)
      The art of war is really really good, especially since you are into marketing. There are so many principles from the book that you can use. I actually need to re-read it!


  • http://bloging4dollars.blogspot.com David


    I’ve read The art of war and The alchemist, and it has changed my life.

    I’m sure the other books you’ve listed are great too… but nowadays i’m focusing on emotional intelligence books, it helps too

    .-= David´s last blog ..Blogging Heroes p.3 =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey David!

      Yeah, those are two awesome books! Emotional intelligence books? Feel free to give me an example or two :)

  • Mat Siems

    Wassup Diggy, great list! Lots of my favorite and some that I will need to have a look.

    • Diggy

      Hey Mat!
      Sweet, thanks for stopping by!

  • http://gettingthemessage.com Tania

    Good titles Diggy! From now Linchpin is already on my list! I only read The Alchemist (I read it in less then two hours, it is the best fiction book about what means to have and to follow a dream) and the wonderful book The Power of Now.
    I find interesting The Way Of The Superior Man because you usually do nice posts about relationships & dating.
    I think the best books I read are the ones that have changed my thought, even all the fiction books can bring a lot of inspiration.


    • Diggy

      Hey Tania!

      How are you doing miss?
      Yeah I agree, those two books are really amazing! Linchpin will change the way you think, it certainly did for me!

      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  • Oscar – freestyle mind

    Wow, there are a few on this list that I haven’t read. Will fix it soon ;)
    .-= Oscar – freestyle mind´s last blog ..How to Get in Great Shape In Just 10 Minutes Per Day =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Oscar!
      Cool, I know you read a lot so it’s nice to hear that I can inspire you with some more great books!


  • http://www.healthmoneysuccess.com Vincent

    Hi Diggy,

    I’ve read some of them and there are a few more that seems interesting. I’m gonna add them into my to-read list. Thanks for list! It is hard to find out great books from the tons of selection we have. This list make it much easier.

    .-= Vincent´s last blog ..You Just Don’t Get It – Hard Work Is All That You Need =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Vincent!

      You’re welcome, I hope you learn a bunch from these books!

      Have a great weekend!

  • Joe

    Atlas Shrugged.

    • Diggy

      I don’t quite get that? ;)

      • Lori

        a book, by Ayn Rand. A novel, that explores a dystopian United States where leading innovators, ranging from industrialists to artists, refuse to be exploited by society – a kind murder – and rebirth – of man’s spirit. Since the economy crash, sales for this book have increased dramatically. Rand’s exploration of the consequences when the creatives “men of the mind” go on strike, refusing to allow their inventions, art, business leadership, scientific research, or new ideas to be taken from them by the government or by the rest of the world.

  • http://www.reachourdreams.com Jen

    Great to get some new recommendations Diggy. I’ve read about half of these and loved. I will add the other half to my ‘to read list.’ :)
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..Taking the Leap to Reach My Dreams =-.

    • Diggy

      Heya Jen!
      Cool, I’m pretty sure that these books will give you some new perspectives on many things!

  • http://experimentsinpassiveincome.com Moon Hussain

    Diggy, I’ve been curious about Seth Godin for a while now. I haven’t the time right now but might pick up one of his books for my road trip soon.

    Just might be Tribes ;)

    P.S. The 4 Hour Work Week is awesome. It makes you realize all you can be.
    .-= Moon Hussain´s last blog ..Fun Friday Round-Up: Delicious Blog Chowder! =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Moon!
      How are ya?

      Tribes is very inspiring, so just get out to your bookstore and buy it! Once you have it then you will want to read it :)
      Yeah I love the 4HWW although I do not agree with every single one of his methods and pricnicples.

      Have a great day!

  • Positively Present

    Great list! I’m an avid reader, but I’ve only read two of these. I need to get with the program and check out the others. They sound great! :)
    .-= Positively Present´s last blog ..it’s a beautiful world: 5 ways to go outside and enjoy it =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Dani!
      Wow, only 2? You have some catching up to do! If I had to guess those two that you read would be The Alchemist and The Power of Now?
      Have an awesome day!!

  • http://GeordieAbroad.com Geordie John

    Hi Diggy,
    I’ve only been reading your blog for a couple of weeks, and i am liking what i am reading so far.

    I’ve only read a couple of these books, and only started the 4HWW yesterday. I’m looking forwards to checking out the rest on the list.

    .-= Geordie John´s last blog ..I Finally Built My Shelves; a Lesson in Prioritization =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Geordie!

      Thank you for leaving a comment and for the awesoem compliment! I am happy to hear that you are enjoying my articles so far!

      Ooh, you’ll enjoy 4HWW but all of the others on this list are very cool too!

  • Sami Paju

    Hi Diggy!

    I finished The Way of the Superior Man recently and really enjoyed it. I think one thing definitely worth mentioning about it is the writing style. I became utterly captivated by it. It’s so much more poetic and beautiful than any other (sort of) self-improvement book I’ve read.

    Here’s my own list of top ten books I read in 2009 (in no particular order):

    Lierre Keith // The Vegetarian Myth

    Tim Ferriss // The 4-hour Workweek

    Robert Cialdini // Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

    Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson // Mistakes Were Made (but not by me)

    Neil Strauss // The Game

    Michael E. Gerber // The E-myth Revisited

    Robert M. Pirsig // Lila

    Broeck Vanden // Less Is More

    Derren Brown // Tricks of the Mind

    Ricardo Semler // The Seven-Day Weekend

    If you want to know more about these books and why I value them, here are the details: http://www.samipaju.com/blog/the-best-books-of-2009.html No affiliate links or anything ;)

    And a bonus: If you’re going to read one book about nutrition in your whole life, make sure it is ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’ by Gary Taubes :-)

    .-= Sami Paju´s last blog ..Thoughts, ideas, and freeing your mind =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Sami!

      I agree with you, I just started to read The Superior Man again for the second time. Really an awesome book!
      Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll expand this post sometime in the future and include some of yours once I have read them!

      Have an awesome day and thanks for stopping by!

  • http://sidsavara.com Sid Savara

    Hey Diggy,

    Nice list – and a bunch of my favorites on there as well ;)

    Tribes and 4HWW are a couple of books that have really influenced me these past couple years – perhaps more than any other books that have come out during that time frame.

    I also really like Linchpin, but I understand that has some mixed reviews ;)
    .-= Sid Savara´s last blog ..The Definitive Guide to Organize Your Life And Get Rid of Clutter =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Sid!!

      I agree with you, those books have made a big difference on my thinking too! I don’t know why there are people who do not like Linchpin, I thought it was an excellent book that spoke the truth. Maybe it is so rebellious that it goes against people’s beliefs and they would rather protect their (false) beliefs about the 9-5 than accept a new idea as the truth?

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • shankul

        plz suggest me which one is the best of dese all books for teenagers.
        i want d best 1 of ol of dese plz tl me which s d bst 1

  • Tom

    Hey, nice list there. 4HWW was one of the first books in the Self Improvement field that I read, and it’s lead me onto this whole community of like-minded individuals and great blogs. I’m currently reading the ‘Power of Now’ and getting a lot from it. ‘Psycho Cybernetics’ looks very interesting and I’ll check it out.

    • Diggy

      Hey Tom!

      It’s funny how a book is almost always the catalyst for people to get into self improvement. I also got into this whole journey by reading a book, but it is one that I didn’t include on this list.

      Psycho Cybernetics is definitely very interesting, get hold of it asap :)

  • http://RelativeStrengthAdvantage.com Yavor

    Awesome list man – I must admit I have read only half of these.

    But here is a few more picks from me:

    1 How to Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie
    Treat others the way you want them to treat you.

    2 Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
    Use your head.

    3 The Richest Man in Babylon – George Samuel Clason
    Save 10% of your income.

    4 Screw it lets do it – Sir Richard Branson
    Busines, Life,Success lessons from Sir Branson.

    5 Influence (or Yes!) – Robert Cialdini
    The 4 laws of influence.

    6 The 50th Law – Robert Greene and 50 Cent
    Sun Tzu meets Gheto Hustlers meets Multi mi,llion dollar rapper 50 cent.

    7 The E-Myth – Michael Gerber
    Systematize everything in your busines so you can delegate etc.

    8 The Pomodoro Technique
    Work in focused burst of 25-40 minutes

    9 Outliers – Michael Gladwell
    Success takes hard work and time. 10k+ hrs to be exact.

    10 Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers
    Fear is based on evolution and on once viable life thretening dangers. Nowadays it is just an after-reaction.

    .-= Yavor´s last blog ..Full Contact Twist For Samurai Abs Of Steel =-.

    • Diggy

      Hey Yavor!

      Totally cool comment man, I appreciate all the additions! The first 2 on your list I have heard of so many times but still need to get hold of.
      I actually have a list of a few books right now, but thanks to you it just got bigger ;) I’m feeling a couple hundred dollar book shopping spree coming on!

      Have an awesome weekend!!

    • http://wilsonusman.com Wilson Usman

      I will have to add to these great books myself.

      Here are just a few for those of you entrepreneurs:

      1. Rework Jason Fried and David Heineimeir Hanson
      2. Purple Cow Seth Godin
      3. Never Eat Alone Keith Ferrazzi
      4. Good to Great Jim Collins
      5. Crush it! Gary Vaynerchuk

      If you haven’t read these Do it promise they are great books.