Goals, Plans & Achievements

I want to wish all the
readers of UpgradeReality
a happy, healthy and prosperous 2010.

You are starting with a brand new slate, totally clean. What you are going to get out of this year ahead is what you make of it. You have the potential to set up a business that will bring your financial independence. You can travel the world and have crazy adventures. You can meet the girl / guy of your dreams and elope together. You can learn new languages and discover more about yourself than you ever thought was possible.

If you have not made any resolutions or plans for the new year, then I think you are making a mistake. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail. A resolution does not have to be cliche like “I will not eat any more chocolates this year.” What I mean by making a plan is having a notepad or even a word document and taking your time to write down all the things you want to do this year.

Make a flow chart if you have to, depicting your goals and what you have to do to reach them.
How you are going to go about reaching them.
What you have to learn.
How long you have to work.
What you have to put in each day or week to get the result.

Another important part of the plan is that you write down WHY you want to achieve what you wrote down. Is is because you really want it and because it will make you happy? Because it will allow you to pursue your passions and dreams? Discovering why you want to achieve certain goals will allow you to narrow your focus to the things you really want, and as a result, should make you happy.

Just because you have a plan does not mean the year will go according to it. It could be totally different and you may just have to adjust your original plans enormously. In case you don’t get major surprises, you at least have a plan and you can stick to it and work towards your goals.

Okay, Enough Preaching!

Time for some stats and goals of UpgradeReality. Can I get a Hooray?

The domain was purchased in 2008. Back then I knew absolutely nothing about building websites, blogging or making money online. It took me a full year (up to June 2009) to get a reasonable understanding of how things work in the internet marketing and blogging world. Only at this point did I have a clear vision for what I wanted to do and started to take my blogging seriously.

In these last months of 2009, things have been taking off quite nicely. UpgradeReality has:

687 Subscribed readers.
An Alexa ranking of #93000. (#1 being the most visited website in the world )
Rankings for certain competitive keywords in the top 5 pages of Google.
A nice, clean design and sidebar ( Finally).

I have done a number of guest posts for other blogs this year. The benefits of guest posting are exposure, gaining new readers and a link back to your own blog. Glen Allsopp wrote a very nice post about the concept of Guest Blogging.

The guest posts I have done for other blogs in 2009:

The Benefit of Exercise Alex Shalman
Having Your Cake and Eating It Free Pursuits
The Art of Forging Your Own Path Marc and Angel
Can You Learn To Be Creative? Pick the Brain
Wanted : You for Self Sabotage Pluginid
Working hard, Playing hard Positively Present
When Life Knocks You Down Quest for Balance
How to Love the Things You Hate The Happy Self
You Are The Architect of Your Future Urban Monk
A Superior Life Wisebread

Goals for 2010:

I have thought for a while about what I want from UpgradeReality for 2010 and these are the goals I have come up with. I have set my goals pretty high, but not too high. They are possible to do with lots of focus and hard work, and I want to push myself to reach them or get as close as possible.

I want to reach 3000 subscribed readers. This will be done with lots of good content and posts. I will write some extra long and special posts that are likely to be shared and linked to by many other bloggers. I’m also planning to do a lot of guest posting on other blogs.

I have been thinking about different ideas for an ebook and have a couple lined up. However, before I launch my own ebook, I want at least 2000 readers. I am also going to do a lot of testing and ask YOU, the readers, what kind of topic you would be interested in having me write an ebook about. This is for a later stage of the year.

Obtaining a ranking on the first page of Google for a keyword or phrase that gets thousands of searches a month is a great source of traffic and readers for a blog. I have done my research and I am going to work hard to get my rankings higher in the search engines for my chosen keywords and phrases.

Off to 2010:

Once again I want to wish you all a wonderful 2010. Let’s make this world a better place. Let’s work hard and play hard and help each other grow and be the best people we can be!


  • melissa

    Thanks for writing.

    • Diggy

      You’re welcome!

  • Katya

    A little late but still… a happy newyear to you too…

    Or should I say? Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!!!!!!!! :P

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Katya!!! Gelukkig nieuw jaar! Thanks for stopping by and for having been a great supporter last year:) All the best wishes for 2010

  • http://StudySuccessful.com Stefan | StudySuccessful.com

    Diggy, you can do this!

    Just keep posting good, quality articles and keep connecting with readers and fellow bloggers. When we work together we can split the ocean and cross the sea!
    .-= Stefan | StudySuccessful.com´s last blog ..The New Years resolutions 2010 =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Stefan!
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving the motivating words :) All the best in 2010

  • Winnie

    diggy you have always been bomb with me in 2009, and have kept good information flowing especially with your adventures. I look forward to reading all your post.xoox
    .-= Winnie´s last blog ..Thinking Straight =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Winnie! :)
      Wow, thanks for the kind words. Glad to hear that you enjoy my articles! Have an awesome 2010!

  • Sami Paju

    “Another important part of the plan is that you write down WHY you want to achieve what you wrote down.”

    Great post Diggy! I think the above sentence is HUGELY important, and I’d like to add not just asking ‘why’ once, but multiple times for same goals to really get deep into the underlying motivations.


    I will go to the gym 3 times a week – WHY? – Because I want to be fit – WHY? – Because body image is important to me – WHY? – Because I want to look great in front of the opposite sex – WHY? – Because I want to be in a relationship – WHY? – Etc.

    With this technique you can really go deep inside your true goals and motivations, and perhaps discover some unexpected things. When you go deep, you might realize that the original goal you set will not actually reflect your real desires, and in the process discover other, better ways to achieve what you truly want.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Sami!
      Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you have an awesome 2010!! :) I agree, as long as you are doing something because YOU want to do it, and not because you think you will impress others by it.

  • http://www.healthmoneysuccess.com Vincent

    Hey Diggy,

    I saw your comment on my blog and I’m taking up your challenge. 3000 RSS subscribers by the end of 2010. This is going to be fun. :)

    .-= Vincent´s last blog ..How Much Have You Grown This Year? =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Vincent :)
      Good stuff! It is indeed going to be fun!

  • http://www.wakeupcloud.com/ Henri @ Wake Up Cloud

    I think I can beat you to 3,000 subscribers by the end of the year.

    Good post sir ;)
    .-= Henri @ Wake Up Cloud´s last blog ..Law of Attraction for Conscious People – The Series =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Haha, so you joining in the challenge too? Awesome, you’re on buddy :)

  • http://www.wanderingearl.com Earl

    Hello Diggy – I think it’s no coincidence that I found your site on the last day of the year, just as I’ve been trying to accomplish similar goals to what you’ve listed above. I wish you much success and truly believe that your positive attitude will help you surpass all of your goals by leaps and bounds…

    Happy new year!
    .-= Earl´s last blog ..A Decade of Wandering Ends, Another One Begins (Part 2) =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Earl!
      Welcome to Upgradereality :)
      Thanks for the kind words and I wish you good luck with your own goals for 2010 !

  • http://explorativeapproach.com/ Shane

    Hey Diggy,

    Congrats on your success with this blog, so far!

    I wish you all the best for 2010 and I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

    .-= Shane´s last blog ..30 Videos in 30 Days – Conclusion =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Shane!
      Thanks for the kind words! Have a wonderful 2010!!! :)

  • http://feint.me Anthony Feint

    Good luck with your goals in 2010. Im sure you’ll reach your subscribers goal with no trouble!
    .-= Anthony Feint´s last blog ..How to Make Thousands Flipping Sites….And blow it all =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Anthony!!
      Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful 2010!!! :)

  • http://www.thewaythatyouwander.com Nate

    All of the goals you’ve set for 2010 are very doable, you’ve taken this site so far in the last year. You’re a smart dude. I’m looking forward to a great year myself! Just keep writing encouraging posts along the way to keep me motivated alright? Hope all is well, Diggy.
    .-= Nate´s last blog ..low-budget content creation experiment =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Nate!
      Thanks for stopping by buddy :) You’re doing well yourself, I hope your business goes well so that you can quit your job! Have a great 2010!!

  • Srinivas Rao


    Cheers to an awesome year and even more amazing 2010. I’ve set my goals, developed a marketing plan and I can see us all on the verge of Crushing it in 2010
    .-= Srinivas Rao´s last blog ..A long drawn out look back at 2009: Part I =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Thanks for the support this year bro! May 2010 be good to us all :)

  • Arturo

    Let’s make this world a better place indeed…

    I’m up to that…!

    All the best for 2010 my friend,


    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      A wonderful 2010 to you too Sir!

  • http://daretoexpress.com Brett – DareToExpress.com

    Hey Diggy!

    Most bloggers usually don’t share their goals with their readers like this, so that’s really cool that you’re doing so.

    I have no doubt that you’ll knock it out of the park in 2010, man. You’ll get over 3,000 subscribers for sure.

    Have a great 2010!
    .-= Brett – DareToExpress.com´s last blog ..Productivity IS Efficiency (Episode #003) =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Brett!
      Glad you liked it! I’m going to work hard to reach those goals :)
      Hope you have an awesome 2010!! Work hard on your own blog too, you can do it!

  • Positively Present

    Great post! I hope you have a very happy new year! And if you ever want to do another guest post for Positively Present, let me know! :)
    .-= Positively Present´s last blog ..stop, drop, & roll: how to prepare for change =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Dani!
      Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful 2010 with lots of love and happiness! Thank you, I will definitely take you up on that offer, I am going to write a whole lot of posts in January, and will definitely write on for you too :)

  • http://www.cheerupnation.com PAPA

    Diggy, it’s been really great sharing in your journey. Look forward to what you bring your readers in the New Year.

    All the best (and more!) my friend.


    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Thanks for the awesome support this year! Have a wonderful 2010 :)

  • Oscar – freestyle mind

    Hey Diggy, good luck with your goals for 2010!
    .-= Oscar – freestyle mind´s last blog ..Rationale Thinking and the Scientific Method =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey O!
      Thanks! The same to you and your goals!! :)

  • Gordie Rogers

    Hey Diggy,
    Looking forward to see your progress on your ebook in 2010. I also plan to do one. I’m going to aim to write one page a day five days a week until completion.

    Good luck and have a great 2010.
    .-= Gordie Rogers´s last blog ..Look, Mom! My Blog’s Sprouting Pubes! =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Gordie!
      Thanks for stopping by :) Hope you have an awesome 2010!! Yep, many big plans ahead, but take it day by day and we can move mountains! :)

  • http://www.urbanmonk.net Albert | UrbanMonk.Net

    Go go power rangers! You can easily hit 3000 mate, go for it!

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Albert!
      Yeeeehaaa! I will do that Sir! All the best in 2010, may it be awesome!

  • http://www.viperchill.com Glen Allsopp

    Hey Diggy,

    Thanks for the link! It’s awesome to see you be so transparent and share your goals for 2010, I really dig that kind of thing.

    I have no doubt you will reach your subscribers goal and can’t wait to see you make it.

    You just have to stick to it.

    - Glen
    .-= Glen Allsopp´s last blog ..Do Not Share: For Your Eyes Only =-.

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Glen!
      Anytime, it’s an awesome article!!
      Happy happy new year :)

  • http://www.zentactics.com Adam

    “I am also going to do a lot of testing and ask YOU, the readers, what kind of topic you would be interested in having me write an ebook about.” – I would be interested in learning about the mistakes you made along the way in reaching your goals of 2000 readers and adjustments you had to make to your plan.

    Happy 2010!

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hey Adam!
      It took me most of the year to figure out what I wanted from Upgradereality, so I guess I didn’t really have any goals until late in the year. Now that I know what I want and have set my goals, it’s a matter of doing the work and writing the articles. :)

      Have an awesome 2010!!!