Amsterdam Update & Video


Hey guys and girls!

I have been in Amsterdam for just over 2 weeks now and loving it! Some of you have asked me for pictures, videos and updates and I finally got around to completing my first video. I had some trouble with the software and it took me hours to sort through all the clips to come up with something, but I think and hope you will enjoy it.

Of the two weeks I’ve been here, I was pretty sick for one and did practically nothing except sit on the internet and watch movies. The combination of junk food, little sleep and the switch between Africa summer and Amsterdam winter was not good for my immune system.

The first week I was here I had a blast. Lots of going out, eating out, fun and adventures. It’s a little more expensive than I thought. For food and entertainment (movies/clubs and partying) you can count on 200 Euros a week (roughly $300). Of course you can get by on less if you don’t eat out and don’t go out that much. A lunch or dinner will cost anywhere from 8 Euros ( A pancake and a drink) to 22 Euros (Fatjitos and a drink at Hard Rock Cafe). Clubs and bars will cost anything from 2.50 Euros (Small bars, it includes 1 free drink) to 15 Euros (Paradiso – biggest club in Amsterdam, no free drink).

Now for the video, I hope you enjoy it:
(Click here if you cannot see the video)

Amsterdam 09 Diggy Upgradereality from Diggy- on Vimeo.

Have a Rockin’ day

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  • sabina

    Eiii Dicky, I just saw your “movie” trip!
    I’ve told you that you can became a real TV reporter!:) So nice,good for you!
    Maybe oneday ,you’ll come to Ro:)We have beautiful places, too.Keep in touch, atb, sabina

    • Diggy –

      Hey Sabina!
      Thanks for the kind words. There will be more videos of my travels before I leave :)
      Sure I will visit Romania one day, maybe even next year!
      Ciao ciao

  • Christine Livingston

    Hey, Diggy, great video! Love your apartment.

    I spent about eighteen months in South Africa some years ago, and did the opposite of you – so, I went in February when it was winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in SA. I think that summer/wintertime switch thing is well under-rated in terms of its ability to mess up your system. I took mega dose multi-vits for a while which seemed to help.

    Glad you’re better and look forward to your next instalment.
    .-= Christine Livingston´s last blog ..How to not pretend you’re working when it’s the holidays =-.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Christine!!
      Thanks for watching :) Glad you liked it! Yeah it’s an amazing apartment, if I could afford it I would leave here all year long :)
      SA is nice! But I think if you live anywhere for a long time, you will want to venture out and see something else.

      Have a great day!

  • Ken Kurosawa

    Good stuff Diggy,
    As Alan said, your flat looks awesome!
    .-= Ken Kurosawa´s last blog ..How to Satisfy Our Need to Belong =-.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Ken!
      Thanks for stopping by! Keep well :)

  • Steven

    Wow that is freaking awesome.

    Man you guys are living THE LIFE. lol

    I certainly did enjoy the atmosphere you put into this video. It’s like a nice traveling commercial for Amsterdam. Are you gettin’ paid? ;)
    .-= Steven´s last blog ..Intellectual understanding Vs. Intuitive connection =-.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Steven!
      Haha, love your positivity man! If you know the place that will pay me for traveling and partying, then let me know :) Right now this is coming out my own pocket.

  • Vincent

    Hey Diggy,

    You are having a blast over Amsterdam! You both got a rather nice apartment over there. Keep the videos coming mate. :)

    .-= Vincent´s last blog ..3 Important Lessons I had Learned From A Conversation =-.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Vincent :)
      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you liked it :)

  • Katya

    Ziet er leuk uit. Jullie hebben definitely veel lol zo te zien.


    • Diggy –

      Hey Katya!
      Dat zeker :) Wanneer kom je een keertje langs? :)

  • Tony

    Very jealous.

    Would you recommend a 24 year old going to Amsterdam by themselves? Cause if my friends can’t afford it next year, I think I’m going to go anyway.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Tony!
      Yeah totally man. It’s great going with a friend, but if you go alone you will grow so much. You will learn how to talk to strangers, make friends, get girls, enjoy yourself in a new city! If you’re up for it and have the time and money, I say GO :)

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  • Zenneke

    You are so lucky; we expect the first white christmas in Holland in 30 years.

    The video looks great. You did find a nice place to stay in Amsterdam, not somewhere in the suburbs.

    Have fun!
    .-= Zenneke´s last blog ..Zenneke: A very cold day. I like it! =-.

  • Renee

    Aw boys you look like you are having an awesome time! *highly jealous face over here*

    Hope you have a great time over there and a special Christmas … next year Singapore, OK? :)

    xx Renee

  • Stefan |

    Haha! Way more expensive yeah.
    I live in Groningen (another place in the Netherlands) and here you just have to use the peak hours to get a couple of cheap drinks. Snow, how wonderfull. I felt so happy wednesdayevening when it started in the north of Holland, I was less excited when I had to make a test at 9am and I couldn’t cycle normal..

    Have a good time in our wonderfull small country Diggy!
    .-= Stefan |´s last blog ..Christmas presents for students =-.


    Mate, Amsterdam is more expensive than I expected. Think i’ll stick with the asian countries untill I make some more money.

    Great video.

  • Tania

    Hiiiii Diggy
    December has too a special meaning with snow and cold weather. I hope you’re recovered.
    The video was really nice, i liked the contrast beetwen funny moments and lovely pictures… :)

    I wish you guys the most amazing christmas ever!

    • Diggy –

      Hey Tania!
      Nice to hear from you! How are you doing? :)
      Glad that you liked the video!!
      I hope we have a white christmas and I wish you one too!
      All the best :)

  • Armen Shirvanian

    Hey Diggy.

    This is classic stuff. Hilarious point there by Henri about the broccoli. Hopefully we see more broccoli in future videos.

    It would be good to see hiking footage of you guys if there are any mountain trails around there. Just putting the idea out there.

    I think we the viewers would like to see some more trees like in nature, or small trees like broccoli looks like.

    Cool stuff man.
    .-= Armen Shirvanian´s last blog ..You Don’t Know What Works Until You Fully Try =-.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Armen!
      Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :) I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but the Netherlands do not have any mountains. It’s flat, totally flat :)

      Have a great weekend!

  • Brett –


    Looks like some awesome times are goin’ down in Amsterdam! I can’t wait until I’m doing my own trip in Europe about a year and a half from now. Should be exciting!

    Enjoy your stay and keep rockin’!
    .-= Brett –´s last blog ..What Is “Difficult”? =-.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Brett!
      Thanks for stopping by! Yeah travelling and seeing other things is something amazing. You’ll definitely enjoy it: )

  • Eric

    Cool video, I’ll definitely do something similar when I get the money for it.
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Affiliit Review =-.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Eric!
      Yeah it is a little expensive, but there are other places you can go where it is much cheaper (eastern europe, asia or South America) :)

  • JB King

    Nice video. I hope you get well enough to enjoy more of the scenery over there and find a few things you were really wanted.

    • Diggy –

      Hey JB!
      Glad you liked it! Thanks for the wishes!

  • Alan

    Well you just raised the bar a bit with that video. Well done! And that apartment you’re staying in looks really great.

    .-= Alan´s last blog ..PMBA Assignment 4: On Writing Well =-.

    • Diggy –

      Thanks Alan: )

  • Oscar – freestyle mind

    Looks like you’re having a lot of fun! Nice video.
    .-= Oscar – freestyle mind´s last blog ..How to Read a Book =-.

  • Nate

    Great video. It’s cool to get a peek at your view of Amsterdam. Keep having fun Diggy!
    .-= Nate´s last blog ..low-budget content creation experiment =-.

    • Diggy –

      Thanks Nate :)

  • Howie

    Wow, great video Diggy. Looks like you and Glen have been having a great time =]

    Good stuff.

    • Diggy –

      Hey Howie!
      Glad you liked it: )
      Have a great weekend!!

  • Henri

    Awesome! I’m sure no one was expecting to see that broccoli there? You’re throwing a few curveballs it seems ;).
    .-= Henri´s last blog ..121 Ways to Improve Your Life and Be More Awesome =-.

    • Diggy –

      Haha :) Yeah a little healthy has to be thrown into the mix :)