57 Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s almost that time of the year again…Valentine’s day. It’s silently expected from your girl that you do something special for her, something to show her how much you love her. But what do you do for Valentine’s day this year?

Personally I think that Valentine’s day, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have become way too commercialized. It is stamped into your mind by social conditioning that you need to spend money on these days to show people that you care about them.

What happened to, ‘The best things in life are free’? Love is totally independent from material cost or possessions. I’m sure that you’d much rather spend the day taking a walk on the beach with the person you love than getting a $5000 watch from them while they’re too busy to see you. (I bet some of you will say you’d rather have the watch but in that case it’s not really love).

Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines Day Ideas

This brings me back to my main point. It’s Valentine’s day, and what do you do for your girl?
I was thinking of some things that I could do, like:

Booking a night in a luxurious hotel room for $200+ or booking a night in a spa hotel for $600+. Heck, you could even take her out for a fancy dinner which will likely cost you around $80 or more.

I think that you should do something special for your girl on Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a lot of money. Often the most memorable and meaningful gifts are ones that are handmade or gifts that offer experiences (like a picnic on the beach at sunset).


57 Valentines Day Ideas

I’ve written all of these ideas from the perspective of guy to girl, but ladies, of course you can use any one of these ideas to make your man’s Valentine’s Day special too.

1. Pack a Picnic

Whether you just go for a lunch in a park or do a romantic evening picnic on the beach at sunset, the idea is that you get to spend quality time together, chat, laugh an enjoy great food.

2. Cook Her Dinner

This is really special if you hardly ever cook. Get a tasty recipe with all her favorite food and cook it at home for her. Add candles and a couple of roses and you’re set! (If you can’t cook you might want to practice the recipe before the actual day).

3. Play Her A Song (Yourself)

Imagine being able to play your girl’s favorite song on piano or guitar. She’ll be crazy about you!
Even if you have no musical experience, if you have the instrument it’s not that hard to learn a single song. Just search on Youtube for a tutorial and you will find dozens of videos that teach you note for note how to play the song you are looking for. Depending on the song you can learn to play it with a couple of hours of practice.

4. DVD Night With Sweets

It’s kind of cliche really, but still fun. Hire a couple of DVD’s (romantic comedy/drama get bonus points), pack your fridge full of cake, chocolate and her favorite sweets and enjoy an evening of cuddling and fun.

5. Under The Stars

Do you live in a place where you can see the stars at night? Then find a place where you can safely and privately relax, pack a blanket and cooler box with champagne and spend some romantic time under the stars together.

6. Flowers and Candles

This is also very cliche but your girl will still love it. Beautiful flowers or the bed covered in rose petals. Lots of candles around the bedroom. Let her come home and lead her into the bedroom like that and it’ll be a perfect Valentine’s day for her.

7. Take Her Dancing

If you know how to dance then this is an especially nice thing to do for V-day. Whatever your style of music (salsa, jazz, ballroom), if you can find a nice restaurant or club where youc an dance slowly and romantically she’ll love it!

8. Give Her a Massage

Not just a short 5 minute massage but a to-die-for massage. Learn the proper technique, get massage oils and lotions and pamper her for at least an hour or even two.

9. Scavenger Hunt

Plan an adventure with clues and little rewards leading up to a big treasure. This can be done in your house but also outside in the city or forest. If you’re feeling creative this could be a lot of fun.

10. Rent a Hotel Room

Even if the hotel is right next door to where you live, the whole luxury thing makes the day and night seem like a perfect romantic getaway. I know it’s expensive and you should only do this if you can afford it and because you really want to do it. Don’t do this just because it’s Valentine’s day.

11. Make Her a Mixed Tape

Well, in today’s time it’ll be a mixed CD. Get all her favorite songs and some of the most romantic songs of all time and compile it on a CD that you’ll give to her and play on the day at your place.

12. Look deep into his/her eyes with love and say ‘I Love You’

You may never have said it before or may you be so used to saying ‘I love you’ that it has lost meaning. If you really love your partner then say ‘I love you’ this time like it counts.

13. Take her out for a long drive at night.

Whether it be on a scenic drive out into the country or right through the heart of the city, a long drive with just the two of you can be incredibly intimate.

14. Plan a dinner out with your loved one.

It can be at a fancy restaurant, a posh place with a view or even some hippie joint with great food. If you want to make it really special, go to the place where you had your first dinner date together.

15. Surprise her.

Give her the dress or shoes she left at the store because there was no money or it just seemed like too much at the time.

16. Give her a plant.

Pot a plant in her garden which will grow up and remind her of you everyday, she crosses the garden.

17. Send her romantic love quotes.

You can give her a book, you can write a page, you can record a video. Give her a selection of romantic love poems that you think apply to her and your relationship together.

18. Give her a CD with pictures.

Make a selection of all the best pictures you’ve taken in your time together. This will be an amazing memory and very thoughtful from your side. Ladies, if you want to surprise your man, make him a CD with lots of naughty pictures of yourself.

19. Arrange a pool party for her at night.

Find a private pool you can use or rent at night. Make sure there are lights under water, and place candles all around the pool.

20. Go Clubbing

There’s nothing wrong with some wild partying and clubbing on Valentines day. Just the two of you, go out and have fun. You can even pretend like it’s the first time you’re meeting each other and flirt and roleplay.

21. Sexy Times

If you want to appear wild, give her red, hot lingerie. She can put it on for you right away.

22. Fake Stay-Away

Surprise her by saying that you won’t be in the city but convince her to stay in that night. Show up at her door with dinner and a movie.

23. Breakfast in Bed

Serve a breakfast in her bed in the morning of Valentine’s Day. Add her favorite dishes to it.

24. Perfume

It might be cliche, but personally I can never get enough of my favorite perfume/cologne.Gift a perfume which she loves.

25. Baths & Spas

Women love to have romantic baths and spas. Make her both, especially with scented soaps, floating candles and message oils.

26. A Simple Card

Make a valentine’s Day card, full of the feelings you have for your valentine.

27. Home-Made Movie

If you’re any good with video editing you can make a very special and meaningful gift by combining and editing footage of her and of the two of you. This is really where you can get creative.

28. Take Her Shopping

All girls love shopping. Tell her you want to spoil her and let her choose whatever she wants. This may be very expensive so be sure that you can afford it (or tell her how much she can spend)

29. Photographs Are Forever

Print the best pic of both of you and give her a pretty photo frame with your photograph.

30. Write Her A Poem

Write a poem for her though you do not know how to write. She will love it.

31. Stick With The Theme

Arrange every moment of the day in the theme of love and hearts.

32. Burn Baby, Burn

Light a small bonfire at night and feel the warmth of each other around it.

33. Share a Laugh

Write some love words on craziest things like toilet paper, napkins which can be scented too. Make her laugh.

34. Jewelery

Buy her some romantic jewelery like a necklace or bracelet etc. You can engrave her name or a romantic message into the jewelery if you like.

35. Outsource A Musician

Take a group of musicians to her house who can sing romantic chorus for both of you.

36. Basket of Goodies

You can make a basket fill of little goodies and things your partner needs daily (like body sprays, lotions etc.).

37. Lipstick Love

On her mirror, write in lipstick, ‘I love you’. Be sure not to use her most expensive lipstick, she might not appreciate that.

38. Give Her A Day Off

Do her household job or chores for the day so that she can have the day off to do what she wants.

39. Get a Tattoo

Get a tattoo that’s symbolic of your love for her. I’d be careful getting her name tattooed, but if you’re absolutely 100% certain that she is the one for you, then go for it.

40. Be Adventurous

Go camping or for an adventure trip on this Valentine’s Day. How about bungee jumping or sky-diving?

41. Give her a manicure and a foot massage

If you know what you’re doing, make her feet pretty and give her the most relaxing foot-massage in the world.

42. Boardgame Love

Play scrabble, chess, act like teens, using ‘love’ words as many as you can.

43. Lead The Way

Leave a trail of rose petals from door of her room to the nearby part where you have arranged champagne and lit candles with romantic music.

44. Make a Donation

Donate to a charity or noble cause in her name. If she’s the kind of girl that will appreciate that then this can be a very meaningful Valentine’s Day gift.

45. Engrave Your Love

Carve your names in a heart on a tree. This way a symbol of your love for each other will be around for longer than your time on earth.

46. Romantic Cleaning

Secretly was her car and decorate it with hearts and flowers. Leave her a romantic note under the windscreen wiper.

47. Puzzle Love-Letter

Write her a love letter and cut the letter into jigsaw puzzle pieces that she needs to put together before she can read it.

48. A Formal Invitation

Make her an invitation letter, very attractive, decorated and romantic, inviting her to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you.

49. Romantic Reading

Hide some heart shaped bookmarks in her books and magazines.

50. Be An Artist

Draw a silly (or pretty) picture of both of you and write ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ on it.

51. Publicize Your Love

Publish your love story in the personnel column of the local newspaper.Celebrate your Valentine on social networking sites like Facebook. Make profile of your partner special. Post some lovely message.

52. Visit a Church

Visit church for praying and remaining together, or even just for being thankful for life. If you’re someone who never goes to church then this may be really special.

53. Arrange Tickets For Her Favorite Rock Star Concert.

If you’re lucky enough to have a cool concert playing close to or even on Valentine’s day, take her there and enjoy the music together.

54. Give Her A Gift That Will Remind Her Every Month

Gift a monthly subscription of favorite website of magazines that he/she usually read.

55. Give Her Your Favorite Cologne

Give her your cologne, even if it’s half-used. This way when she misses you she can still smell your favorite scent and be reminded of you.

56. It’s In The Stars

Give her a love horoscope that describes your wonderful future with together with her.

57. Be Anonymous

Send her gifts without a sender’s name on it. Flowers, chocolates. You can even have them delivered to her work address during the day.

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  • Juliet Romeo

    Here is another Valentine’s Day gift idea:

    Make a Love Box of your own and fill it with Love Messages and Quotes for 365+1 days of the year.

    You can download little cards with notes and illustrations on them from this site:

    Enjoy! :-)

  • kunal Kapoor

    so many ideas bt i think that d idea of getting massage is the best one.

    • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

      it’s something that everyone can enjoy

  • Pradeep

    All honest ideas.. good one.. :)

    • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Diannacastner

    How about a Valentine Singing Telegram sent to a spouse or loved one?

    • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

      Good idea Dianna!

  • Trueblue_72

    Just tell you love her and that she is everything to you. Does not cost anything and it will mean more to her than anything you could ever purchase. (If you mean it)

    • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

      This is truth! :)

  • http://twitter.com/Valentines__Day Valentine’s Day

    So many ideas! I think the points about writing cards would definitely go a long way. I found this Valentine’s Day Software grab it if you want

  • Looking4 Purpose

    FYI it’s valentine’s day in my house everyday, my bf brings me coffee and I don’t even have to ask but i love your list I will print it maybe I’ll get more ahah
    hey ..

  • http://bunnygotblog.com Bunnygotblog

    I like #5.Young girls may expect a ton of money spent on them but what is really appealing to me and I am a cougar,is time.Spending time with each other is priceless.

    • Diggy

      Hey Bunny,
      You are wise and have realized that the only thing we really have is time. I’ve actually been thinking about this and want to write an entire article about it.

      We all only have an X amount of time to be used for the things we like to do, so sacrificing time to gain money/wealth or fame instead of spending it with the ones you love and doing what you love seems like a waste of the most important thing you have (time).

      So tell me more about this cougar thing…;)

  • http://www.jonalford.com Jon

    #43 Lead the Way is pretty slick business!

    This is my first V-Day in many years that I’ll be single. Kinda liberating ;) What will I do instead?

    Write a few articles and comment on blogs, of course!

    • Diggy

      Hey Jon!
      Thanks for stopping by Sir!

      Haha, I’m completely the opposite, this will be the first Valentine’s day that I’m with someone, so I’m planning to do a whole bunch of things from this list :P
      Take care!

  • http://unlockthedoor.net Stuart

    You do realise Diggy that now that you’ve shared these wonderful ideas, I have no excuse for not making this Valentine’s Day the best ever ;-)

    I’m kidding, me and my girlfriend are going to Paris for a week so that’s a good start! I was thinking about No. 51; might write a blog post after we get back, include a few photos. Romantic stuff :-)

    • Diggy

      Hey Stuart,
      Wow, that sounds like every girl’s dream Valentine Day, romantic getaway in Paris!
      You’re got it all planned out!

      Enjoy it to the max!

  • Bryan Thompson

    Diggy – GREAT list, buddy! I love the “outsource a musician.” But one that I have done is the “massage.” I even took some tutorials and learned how to do it right. Plus I watched my friend who is a masseur.

    Going to try a few more of these! I’ll let you know how they work out. ;) (okay, I’ll be more discreet than that.)

    • http://unlockthedoor.net Stuart

      Bryan, you dog, only share the most family-friendly details ;-)

    • Diggy

      Hey Bryan,
      I’m sure your girl really appreciates that you learned how to give good massages. That’s something I want to learn too!
      Have a blast and spoil her crazy!

  • Todd Bossie

    Thanks for these great ideas every year it is what do I do?
    This will give me more then enough options.


    Todd Bossie

    • Diggy

      Hey Todd!
      You’re welcome, I hope your girl will love whatever you’ve got planned for her:)

  • Brandon Winters

    Nice compilation Diggy, really great ideas!

    I know my girlfriend loves getting a baby plant to take care of, or chocolate – lots of chocolate :)

    I agree with you when you say that it has become too commercialized. Relationships in general are portrayed in such a poor manner. Nevertheless, I’ll still announce my love just a little bit louder than usual so she will continue to feel special. Thats what we do lol.

    Later man!

    • Diggy

      Hey Brandon!
      Thanks man, how are you doing?

      Keep taking good care of your girl, I’m sure she’ll love what you’ve got planned for her this Valentine’s day:)

  • http://www.what-is-personal-growth.com Sean

    Fun read Diggy!

    I too think most holidays have been so over commercialized it’s become nothing but a game to these companies trying to cash in on our hard earned money for stuff that really doesn’t mean anything.

    I like your ideas though, well beyond just the buy her a stuffed bear and some chocolates and call it a day! lol

    I’m thinking about starting with #23, then later doing #8, then moving on to #2, then ending with #21 :D

    Haha thanks Diggy, fun article.

    • Diggy

      Hey Sean,
      Thanks buddy, glad you enjoyed it!
      I love doing nice things for a girl but really dislike the way society and advertising conditions us into “buy this because you should”.

      If you feel like you want to splurge then you can, but you don’t need to in order to make her feel special and to make it a day worth remembering.
      Let me know what she thought of your Valentine’s Day date :)