5 Positive Benefits of Kindness

NOTE: This is a guest post by Dani from Positively Present:

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Kindness is something you can share at any time, with anyone.

It’s not always easy to kill ‘em with kindness, but it’s always worth it. Why? Because there are some pretty awesome benefits from being kind.

Whenever I find myself acting out in kindness, I find that the following things happen: I feel great, I make someone else feel great, I gain good karma, I physically feel better, and I inspire others to be kind.

Who wouldn’t want those benefits? Here, take a look in more detail at the benefits of being kind:

1. You feel awesome.

When you treat others with kindness, you feel pretty great. Just think about the last time you did something nice for someone else. How did you feel? You probably felt pretty great, didn’t you?

I know that every time I do something kind – even if it’s the smallest thing – I feel great. Being kind to others is really a way to be kind to yourself.

2. You make others feel great.

Of course, the most obvious benefit of kindness is that you make others feel good. It seems obvious, but it’s actually really important.

Being kind is a way you can spread goodness in the world, a small way to make the world a better place. Just think for a moment about what the world would be like if everyone were kind…

3. You gain good karma.

Whether or not you believe in karma, you must realize that when you do good things, good things happen to you. I know from personal experience that this is true.

When I treat others with kindness, I find that kindness is returned to me in some form. Putting kindness into the world helps to bring a whole lot of it back to you.

4. You improve your health.

It’s been said that doing kind things for others helps you to feel better physically. I’m no doctor or expert so I can’t say for sure if this is true, but it sure makes a lot of sense to me.

The kinder I am to others, the happier I feel. The happier I feel, the more relaxed and centered I am. Give it some thought the next time you’re kind to someone else. Do you physically feel better?

5. You inspire others.

Acts of kindness are one of the greatest ways to inspire others. When I see someone do something out of kindness, I feel incredibly inspired and it makes me want to do something kind.

When you commit a kind act, those around you will take note and your kindness can have a ripple effect. Start that ripple now by treating those around you with kindness today.

Kindness is something we can all engage in. Kindness is a choice. You can choose it in every single situation. While I know this isn’t always easy, it’s always possible.

You may not fully realize it, but every single moment of your life, you have the choice to choose to act in kindness.

Choose kindness today and reap the benefits!

This post was written by Dani, a twenty-something striving to live positively in the present moment. Dani’s blog, Positively Present, embraces the idea of “living happily ever after now” by focusing on all things positive. Dani is also the creator and author of Hope Springs Internal, a blog focusing on the positive representations of women in the media. You can find Dani on Twitter @positivepresent.

P.S. Something healthy and delicious is coming your way November 16th – watch this space!

  • kanika

    it’s just great….seem damn lovely to eyes and soul.

    • Diggy

      Thank you Kanika!

  • http://www.cerealbeforebedtime.blogspot.com scholastica amel

    I wish there were more people like you. I started a poll on my facebook, yahooask and my blog about talent vs personality.

    I’m sad looking at the fact that people nowadays think talent is more important than kindness..

    Well, reading this, my heart feels warmer.
    Keep on going :)

  • http://thepositivelife.com Raj

    thats a pretty nice list. Being kind really has a lot of benefits, you improve your self esteem, you feel a better sense of satisfaction. Thanks for the wonderful post!

  • http://thompsonland.tk Bryan Thompson

    Dani, great post! I think the reason all 5 of these things happen when you show kindness is because you have decided (consciously or not) that the world is still a great place filled with possibilities. You have faced insecurities and financial setbacks and an unsure future and you’ve stared them down by realizing that wonderfulness and wonderful people are still all around. You can’t have a wonderful outlook on life and NOT be kind to others. And all 5 of the results replenish themselves in your life. Thanks!

  • http://www.TheMadtoLive.com Lauren Rains

    While all 5 of these are great, I think #5 has the most impact. Because, what’s life really about if you aren’t living it to make the world a better place? And oftentimes, spreading kindness is the easiest way to do that.

    If I could add a little sub-point to # 5 specifically it would be:
    - Be Kind to the Unkind-
    It’s easy to be kind to those that already sending out good vibes and have a similar mentality as you in terms of the good old Golden Rule.

    But, the real challenge at times, is to be kind to those that, well, are rude, or piss you off, or piss others off, or show no respect. The list goes on forever in terms of how someone can be unkind just as the list goes on forever on how someone can be kind. But, as you said, kindness inspires, and maybe one act of kindness to the unkind could change their outlook.

  • http://improving-you.blogspot.com/ Mr.Tabsie

    wow those 5 are really useful points.
    I’ll try them all.
    Thanks for share and for this good article

  • http://thetrailblazinglife.com Collin

    Simiple but true.

    This was a very kind of you to share!

  • Parker Lee

    Hi Dani…

    My favorite reason for being kind would be the simple reason of : feeling awesome :)

    well said Dani, well said…

  • http://www.thesaleslion.com Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion

    Love this topic Dani,seriously. It’s funny because the art of kindness has been lost in our society in many ways, but there are signs that it may be making a comeback, this article being an example.

    So props to you and props to Diggy for putting it out there.

    • Diggy

      Hey Marcus!
      Thanks for stopping by! it was my pleasure to have Dani write this post especially for the readers of Upgreadereality :)

  • http://artofminimalism.com/ Mike Donghia (Art of Minimalism)

    Great post Dani (thanks for sharing Diggy)!

    #5 really resonates with me. I’m amazed at how contagious kindness is. People love to be around kind people and we tend to become like the people we are with.

    I think we have a responsibility to change the world through that ripple effect that you write about. Everyday we’re making the world a better place to live or a worse one.

    It’s are choice.

    Rock on you guys!

    • Diggy

      Thanks Mike,
      I think that kindness is a habit! Once you get into it, it becomes automatic and you just find yourself helping others without them asking for it :)

  • http://www.letusbepositive.com Dinesh K. Nagpal

    Dear Diggy,
    Thank you very much for wonderful post. Being kind helps bringing peace all over the world.
    Keep the good work going on.
    God bless you.

    • Diggy

      Hi Dinesh,
      You’re very welcome, thank Dani for writing this super post:)

      Thanks for commenting! Much appreciated!

  • http://www.positivelypresent.com Positively Present

    Thanks so much for posting this, Diggy! It’s awesome to be guest posting on Upgrade Reality!

    • Diggy

      Hey Dani,

      You’re more than welcome. I really think that a lot more people should consider being kind to others (and to themselves) on a daily basis. I hope your post will create something to think about and inspire extra kindness in the readers here at Upgradereality.