5 Great Places to Meet People of The Opposite Sex

How to Meet People

When you’re young and in school or in college, it’s incredibly easy to meet people of the opposite sex. You’re literally in an environment where hundreds of attractive people are taking part in similar activities as you.  You also have an opportunity and reason to talk to them. But what do you do when you’re not in college, or when you’re working a full-time job with fewer attractive people around you all day?  How do you meet people then?

Here are a couple of great places to meet people of the opposite sex, regardless of how old you are or what your work-life is like:

Clubs / Bars

Although clubs and bars are frowned upon by many people as a good place to meet someone from the opposite sex who isn’t trashy or looking for a one-night stand, I can personally think of many occasions where it’s worked out really well for me.

Many of the girls I’ve dated I actually met in a club or a bar, and I’ve gone out with some very beautiful, intelligent, sporty and ambitious girls that you’d think would never hang out in a club or bar like that.  And for the girls, they had a good time with me too!  My reasoning is that if I go to a club to have fun and dance, surely people similar to me will also do it.

Keep in mind that there are all sorts of clubs and bars. You can find clubs with young crowds, older crowds, punky crowds and posh model crowds. Choose one where your type of ideal person would hang out and chances are that you’ll find someone you’re interested in.

Tip – Match their Vibe: Clubs are usually high-energy environments, and the trick to really connecting with someone in a club is to approach them with the same energy level they have. If they’re having a blast and dancing like crazy, you’ll have a good chance if you approach them with that same energy. On the other hand, if you can see someone is just chilling near the side and not in a energetic state, you can approach with a more chilled vibe. You can even make a joke when the person asks you what you do for a living and tell them that you’re a professional gambler making a living with online poker or something like that. Keep it light and fun.

The Gym

If you enjoy keeping fit and looking after your health and body, you’ll surely appreciate that from the opposite sex. The gym is a perfect place to meet people who have that same attitude towards fitness.

Even if you don’t go to the gym, you can use all the hotties that you could meet as an incentive to sign up, and as a bonus you’ll improve your health too!

Also, people who are dedicated enough to go to gym to keep fit are usually ambitious people who have their life together.

Tip – Keep the Routine: Approaching someone in the gym can be pretty intimidating, because people often have earphones in and they’re sweaty from training so might feel a bit embarrassed about that. Lots of people go regularly and if you do the same, you’ll likely start seeing the same people over and over, and once you’ve seen them a couple of times it makes approaching easier because you have a bit of a history. Just keep your approach chilled, introduce yourself and don’t make it seem like you’re hitting on someone.

Holiday Resorts & Travel

If you really want to meet people of the opposite sex, holiday resorts and travel are ideal.

Think about it… on holiday everyone is relaxed, and are looking to have fun and enjoy life to the max. You also have lots in common every day to use as conversation starters to help get to know people and then hooking up for a day of activity can really build friendships and more fast.  If you hit up your local travel agency there are often vacation packages to resorts for very good prices. I’ve personally traveled lots, and one of my favorite experiences is Club Med, but backpacking is also great. A couple of years ago I went to Club Med in Kemer, Turkey. I went for a week by myself and it was crazy fun. Not only did I have a week of sun, water sports, unlimited amounts of incredible food and entertainment, I met many great girls from all parts of the world.

When I went on my Club Med trip I paid 1000 Euros for the week, and that included all flights and transport, food, accommodation and activities. Maybe not super-cheap but definitely something that you can save up for in not too long a period of time.

Tip- Start lots of Conversations and Plan a Day Together: People in holiday resorts are there to relax and have fun. Be social and friendly, introduce yourself to many people and have a good time. It’s very easy to suggest someone join you for an activity (e.g. “Hey, let’s go wake-boarding”) and from there you’ll have plenty time to connect and learn more about each other.

Public Transport

Depending on your country, public transport can be one of the best ways to meet people of the opposite sex. I say “depending on your country” because in South Africa that just doesn’t apply, but I know in most European countries, public transport is safe and many people use it on a daily basis.  Ramon met his wife on a train.

I like public transport too because you don’t need an excuse to talk to someone and you can choose who you sit next to. You’re both heading somewhere and there’s lots of time to chit-chat. There’s also not much pressure on the other person, because in trams or trains people often hop on and off for very small stops. One time I was waiting for a tram, started chatting to a girl while waiting and 2 minutes later she had to get on a different tram, so I suggested we grab a drink and asked her for her number (and I got her number and the drink date). That’s how easy it can be.

Tip- Be yourself.  If you find a common spark great.  If not, next trip: Approaching people on public transport is usually best done in a chilled way or with a bit of humor. One thing to keep in mind is that people on public transport are usually on a mission to go somewhere, and can be in a rush or not interested in talking to strangers. Don’t take this personally if you get ignored or blown-off.

Hobby Classes

Hobby classes are a great way to meet like-minded people of the opposite sex. Hobby classes are things like yoga, dance, horse riding, martial arts, music, drama etc. They’re awesome because you can choose a class you enjoy and go at times when you’re free. You’ll be enjoying what you do while being around others who enjoy doing the same thing.

My personal favorites are hip-hop dancing and martial arts classes, although the girl-guy ratio in martial arts classes is very low. ;)

You can get great interactions and relationships with people you meet in hobby classes. It’s important to remember that you’ll see the same people every time you go to the class, so take things slow. Introduce yourself to everyone at the start, and try to be friendly and talkative as much as possible. If you start getting along with someone you can take the next step and invite them for a drink or dinner outside of the class.

Tip- New friendships with anyone can lead to friendships with The One. In those martial arts classes, the friendships there can lead to going out together and perhaps meeting their friends.  If you share common interests, it only makes sense that many times, you will find their friends cool too and their friends will like you too.

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  • http://www.upgradereality.com Diggy

    Hi Christian!
    Great additions, thank you!

  • http://www.getinthehotspot.com/ Annabel Candy, Get In the Hot Spot

    Haha, I was going to say clubs and bars are the worst place to meet people. But I have to confess I met my hubby 20 years ago in a bar. Ooops:)

    I love asking couples where they met and more and more people meet online these days. So don’t discount Twitter, Facebook and blog for meeting cool, like-minded people for romance or just good old friendship:)

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hi Annabel,
      Thanks for stopping by! Hope life is good?

      Haha, you’re busted. It’s very easy to think that bars or clubs are not great places to meet people, but think about it: if you’re a cool and normal person and you go out to a bar, why wouldn’t another cool and normal person do the same? And when they do, you can meet them.

  • http://ineeddiscipline.com Dean Saliba

    A bar or a pub is the best way, in my opinion, out of the ones you listed.

    I have found that I have had a lot of success meeting women on websites likes Facebook and Badoo. :)

    • Diggy – UpgradeReality.com

      Hi Dean,
      Yeah a bar or a pub is the most chilled vibe, but you don’t always find the hottest girls there. (Unless you’re backpacking or in a traveler’s city)

      I’ve done the online dating thing and had pretty decent success with it. Nowadays I don’t have much interest in it and rather just find a girl when I go out.